How to win back your ex?

He made you mad, sad, hysterical… but ultimately you miss him… Here are the 3 steps to win back your ex!

Accuse the blow

Phase 1: First of all, avoid rushing. Let yourself go and live your Kleenex-Nutella period to the fullest.

Phase 2: Do not hesitate to annoy your friends, be well accompanied during this phase when you think you have moved on (but in fact, you just drank too much and partied for two consecutive weeks, that your office stinks and your hair looks like soft fries soaked in oil.

After these two phases: It is necessary to move forward. Keeping your goal in mind.

Cut ties

During the whining period following a breakup: Your ex feels, most of the time, relieved of a great burden. Harassing him with fiery messages is then useless! Most of the time, he doesn’t really care, let him realize for himself that he finally misses you a bit, before reminding him that you exist (it’s okay, he remembers it, it’s like barely two weeks since you are separated).

The only way to get it back is to be patient. Leave time for time. Take time, pamper yourself and relearn how to be single for a while. Take the time to get to know yourself as an individual, relearn how to live for yourself and not for your relationship. Go out, clear your mind, find your joy of living.

There is nothing more irresistible than a cheerful and happy woman

-> Do your best to let him know that, yes, you can live very well without him!


==> Pretend that you no longer have feelings for him.

==>  Organize a falsely fortuitous meeting

You will pretend a new life in which everything is going wonderfully, and above all in which HE is no longer present. You will laugh, smile… and be as natural as possible. The goal is to make it crack with your smile and your reservoir of joy.

At the sight of your resplendent complexion and good looks, your ex will see you again as the girl he knew, the one he fell in love with. And not like the bitchy chick he broke up with. He will therefore note you’re probable change.

It may take several appointments before he cracks .. but he will crack!

No one wants a neurotic, depressed girlfriend. The secret to winning back your ex? Show his independence, Show the big smile that made him crack, no longer give him too much importance.


 For the little story…  

“  On September 29, 2012, I threw out my ex boyfriend. I regretted it the next day and I apologized to him for 1 month. He accepted them but never wanted us to get back together. I told myself that I was going to win him back by any means I was so unhappy. 

I started to take care of myself. Dress appropriately and go out. I went out, a lot .. I dated other guys, many others… And despite a few relapses, things were going well. I had managed to meet him in Paris and leave him with the false impression that “I had forgotten him”. 

Except that, still nothing. After a while some dates always ended with desperate attempts to kiss her … which only humiliated me. There, I started to hate him and didn’t really care about him anymore. And to go out with another very affectionate boy (with whom I also want it to last! 😉)

At the moment, when he noticed that I was finally getting better (really better) when he felt abandoned, because he was no longer paying attention: Monsieur started begging for dates with me … that for almost a year. Until the day he called me to declare his love for me. “I’m going to get you back Lorinda, I’m going to find a job, you’ll see ..” blah blah blah… 

Extreme enjoyment. In short, all that to say, that to win back your man you need 1) a lot of time 2) good friends and 3) a great deal of indifference! ” 

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