How to read a profile on a dating site?

A profile on a dating site is a bit of a calling card but read with caution. It reveals both a lot and very little. Some profiles are almost empty, others filled to the brim. We also come across fake profiles, the famous fake … In short, it is the “game” of virtual and online profiles. There is everything and you have to be vigilant. And to have a certain distance with the photos and the description. How to read a profile on a dating site?

How to read a profile on a dating site?

The best exercise to start with? Experience it by viewing your own profile from an outside perspective. You will learn a series of objective data, such as your age for example. The rest can mean an infinite number of things, true or false, which do not allow you to get a complete idea of ​​who you are. How then to read and use a profile?

To read a profile properly, you have to sort it out:

The general information that is immediately visible should be sorted out at first glance. It is useful to learn to sort the information provided by reading a profile: information that provides information on the general state of mind of the person and on his availability.


We’re not going to lie to each other, photos are the first thing we look at on a dating profile. And a good way to locate the person. Fake, narcissistic, superficial? Or on the contrary natural, simple, “normal”? Nobody escapes the selfie reflex today, but it’s easy to sort through photos with or without filters!

The importance of numbers

In the general information immediately visible on the profile, there are often two important digital pieces of information. Which are generally search criteria. Age and distance. Is she in your chosen age group (more or less a year?) And in a perimeter that allows a meeting afterward if you like? Unless you are a fan of virtual-only or long-distance relationships.

The introductory paragraph: The announcement

The tone, the way of describing herself, with humor or seriousness, what is put forward … All this allows you to get an idea of ​​what defines her and what matters to her. Information relating to lifestyle habits is also very important, as it thus indicates whether there is a possibility of compatibility between you: does she go out a lot, or does she prefer evenings spent with friends and family? Does she have children? Does it evoke certain crippling criteria? All this allows you to locate yourself quickly if the profile is obviously filled. Moreover, if you yourself want to have a good dating announcement, it’s here!

What she is looking for

Is she looking for a serious relationship or does she just want to chat, meet new people and “see”? Or maybe she just wants to have fun? Is she at a point in her life where she feels the need to settle down, has she been single for a long time, is she just recovering from a breakup, etc.

All this information makes it possible to appreciate his state of mind and it is then up to you to estimate what inspires you and what you want.

The first post on a dating site

Once the first contact is established, the tone of the answers also betrays in a relatively reliable way the personality of the person: the more they are categorical, assumed, the more they indicate that the person in question knows what he wants. It’s up to you to decide if that’s what you want right now. If nothing happens after the usual banalities, it’s up to you to see if it is useful or not to go further; sometimes the little spark just doesn’t happen, just like in life.

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Profile on a dating site: to dig or not?

Once this first reading is done, this first contact established, the rest of the profile can offer other important information: admittedly, she seems to enjoy a different type of humor than yours, so what? She also likes to travel, but to go where to do what?

Ultimately, what matters is above all to know what the person is ready to give and to receive at the time of your “virtual meeting”, and to see if, on this level, you are on the same length of time. waves.

For the rest, there is always a part that cannot be controlled, even after an in-depth study of a profile, even by taking a step back. There are always surprises in life, as on the internet, which is only its virtual parallel. Good and bad.

Sometimes you just have to leave a chance to change, to surprise, and not to get blocked because of a simple box ticked in the middle of a questionnaire which in fact, as long as you have not met the person, doesn’t mean much.

With a profile on a dating site, the most important thing is to hope to rule out people with whom you are sure it could not work.

But you don’t fall in love with a profile. The most interesting thing about a profile is ultimately what it doesn’t teach us; what it implies, what it promises, what arouses curiosity. And that, there is only one way to verify it: switch to the other side of your screen, IRL, and propose the first date!

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