How to know if the first date is successful

Your first date has just ended and you want to know, you need to know if it went well! How do you know if the first date is successful? Follow our 10 guidelines to be fixed quickly!

1 / He / She arrived on time

Impressions start even before the appointment! Did your date arrive late? (Good for 10 minutes be indulgent!) Did he/she postpone your appointment? If so, it is possible that this is the signal that he/she is not interested… Unless he/she plays the card of inaccessibility!

2 / You feel a mutual interest/attraction

Not only on a physical level but also on a personality level. The current is flowing right from the moment you said hello to each other. You each made an effort to make this meeting as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And above all, you want to see yourself again!

3 / You had fun

You had a good time: and you even managed to make him/her laugh, and conversely, it was he/she who knew how to have fun! There is nothing worse than a boring date …

4 / you had a deep conversation

You weren’t just talking about the rain or the shine! He/she asked smart questions, bounced off what you said, and didn’t just listen to you. Your discussions were interesting, not just interested!

5 / He/she paid attention to you

He/she was really present, didn’t seem to be endlessly distracted by his / her phone or anything else. There is nothing worse than a date asking you a question you have already answered before …

6 / you share things in common

Opposites attract yes, but it’s always a great sign that realizing that you both like this or that movie, author, music… Sharing interests is definitely a big asset!

7 / Your appointment lasted longer than expected

Of course, you each have your own schedules, and there’s a good chance he/she or you have things planned after your date, and therefore you weren’t able to extend it much to your regret. But otherwise, if you haven’t seen the time go by, or both of you have decided to continue your date elsewhere. So that’s a great sign!

8 / He/she complimented you

You both couldn’t help but smile? Did he/she give you a relevant compliment? By that, I mean that he/she was not satisfied with a “you have beautiful eyes you know …” But indeed a real sincere compliment, on your physique or your attitude. , which required a minimum of observation!

9 / You have already made plans

Have you ever planned to meet again? To do a joint activity? Without forcing things, if you’ve already managed to land another date, then be sure that the current is flowing between you two!

10 / He/she follows up

A successful meeting plays an especially in the aftermath! If he/she doesn’t give you a sign of life anymore, there is a good chance that things won’t get any further… Don’t be an SMS neurotic either, be patient, in general, people prefer to wait a few days before continuing to trade!


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