How to get better after a breakup?

We’ve all been there, the crying, the anger… It is difficult to move on but not impossible. Doing work on us is important to overcome this breakup and be stronger than ever. Here are five steps to overcome your breakup!

Step 1: Do not regret anything!

Yes, it’s over, but don’t regret anything from the past relationship. You have experienced beautiful things together, less beautiful things, but everything that has happened has made you change, grow, mature, so many little things that you have to keep in mind.

Plus now you know what you want and don’t want anymore! 

Step 2: Manage the grief!

Do not pretend to be well, on the contrary, let your grief express itself, it will help you get better. If you have a friend or loved one to rely on, this step will be easier for you. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with people who do you good, positive people! Avoid at all costs people who see evil everywhere.

Step 3: Don’t try to see or talk to your ex!

You must make the total emptiness of his presence, his messages, his photos. It is better to stop following him on social networks to avoid the risk of seeing him happy, of imagining things for you. If you have a sudden urge to share something with him, share it with someone else (your best friend, your sister, your brother). Start to forget about it. And anyway, to get your ex back, you absolutely have to make radio silence of at least one less!

Step 4: Don’t get overwhelmed with anger and rage!

Yes, going to puncture the tires of his car, break everything in his house will let off steam… But that’s not a good solution. You owe it to yourself to be the adult, mature person of this old relationship. If you come across him during a night out with friends or the like, stay away, it’s not up to you to take the first step. If he decides to come to talk to you, tell him that you are busy, that now is not a good time to come see you, and that if you feel like talking to him you will let him know.

Step 5: Don’t change your look!

Certainly, you feel bad, but that is no reason to change, you are fine the way you are, just tell yourself it was not the right one, there will be others who will like your imperfections! So stay as you are, it’s the best way to rebuild yourself!


Come on the casseroles, we do not let ourselves be defeated, it’s a bad time to spend but happiness is not far away, we do not let go !!

Surround yourself with your friends and enjoy life!


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