How to forget your ex?

List of things to do to turn the page

– Go out with friends (cinema, shopping, have a drink, go to an exhibition, have a weekend, etc)

– Create a well-stocked schedule to forget that one day you were in a relationship. You will be able to take out your phone quietly to check the time and not to reread the old messages that your ex sent you.

– Shopper. We shop to feel beautiful, but also to renew ourselves, create a new “you”

– Make a picture, (kind of SWOT ):  With all your qualities and your strengths. YES, THAT IS THE POSITIVE DIMENSION. And we make an effort to ensure that this table is well filled.

– Watch the films that you always wanted to see but never saw due to lack of time. The genre of films released a long time ago that can no longer be seen in the cinema:

Black swan, Happiness Therapy, Slumdog millionaire, The wave, Oscar and the Lady Rose .. etc.

Complete streaks you never finished like:

The Brothers Scott, 7 at home .. Dexter, or Dark-Angel. (You will find everything on the net)

–  Start an activity that you have always wanted to do (Piano, guitar, theater, going to church, singing, drawing, cooking, writing!)

You have time to take advantage of it. Besides, imagine that your guitar teacher is Latino and that he has the same age group as you… hehe

– START doing things that you did before but stopped doing. Smoking for example. ( Joke) start painting your nails again every Sunday, calling your family more often, and your cousin there… (it’s been a long time!), Sleeping longer, visiting your grandmother who is losing her mind.

– Change something in your house. Your hairstyle, your wardrobe, even if it’s just your handbag that changes, can make all the difference. Change your eyeglass frame, the way you put on makeup, your perfume, Bar QG, go to Baroudeur instead of going to Café Montparnasse.


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