How do you meet someone when you’re not going out?

It’s not always easy to meet people, especially when all our friends are in a couple, married, with children. That our professional entourage has been the same for years and that we have no one with whom to go bar or dance all night long. So how do you meet someone when you’re not going out? This is a real question that comes up more and more often. I will answer it by giving you three tips.

Differences between not going out and “not going out”

First of all: if it is normal to limit the number of outings because, as seen above, our friends are always taken by their family and that we do not see each other going out alone, you must nevertheless move a minimum! Even if it is not to find love, to go out, to go to exhibitions, to go to the cinema, to concerts… is essential for your balance in life. How to please someone if you do absolutely nothing other than your job and therefore have nothing to tell? To interest someone, you have to be a minimum worthy of interest yourself and for that, you have to do things, even alone! Forcing yourself a bit never hurt anyone.

1 / Meet someone when you are not going out thanks to dating sites

While many have lost faith in dating sites, they are still a great way to meet someone. As long as we know how to recognize a serious dating site AND we also know how to recognize scams!

Why choose the dating site option?

When you’re not going out, when you’re short on time, dating sites are a really great way to meet someone! If you take some time to do a nice profile picture, work on your ad and your first posts, then you should get some dates fast!

If some find that meeting virtually lacks charm, remember that this also allows you to select specific criteria that could be important if the relationship were to last!

2 / Avoid social networks to meet someone if you are not going out

I see more and more men flirting on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and even… Linkedin!). And it is often unbearable!


On Facebook, we are supposed to be “friends” with our loved ones, and receiving requests from men wanting to “get to know better” is nothing short of infuriating. Because we do not register on this social network in order to find love! (So, yes, some find it that way, but overall, really, go your way!).


As for Linkedin, it is even worse since it is a professional network! I myself have been very shocked on several occasions to be dredged by people in their 50s who are 20 years older than me on this network! The only thing I did was report them to customer service!

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Finally, Instagram is perhaps the network that lends itself the most to seduction in the sense that we have the possibility of putting our profile in private. So, we can say that those and those who leave it in public and post lots of pretty advantageous photos of their face or their body are, perhaps (and I say “maybe”), not against receiving seductive messages. BUT OK! I advise against it anyway because once again, this place is not made for.

3 / The professional environment to meet someone when you are not going out

The professional environment remains one of the places where we meet the most!

According to a recent study, 30% of couples in Europe have met at work! And 44% of those surveyed would be in favor of launching into an office story. Rather encouraging figures, therefore!

The concern with romantic relationships at work is more the gaze of others and worse, the gaze of your superiors. You have to be ready to take on!

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