How do I get my ex back?

Ask yourself the right questions :

  • What was wrong with our relationship?
  • What are the reasons for the breakup?
  • What was he blaming me for?

There is no point in getting back to the same person if you did not realize what was wrong before. What is the point of getting back together with your ex if it is to repeat the same mistakes and come back to the starting point, the breakup?

Radio silence

Don’t act right away Camille. Don’t do anything that might backfire on you. You will need courage, but you will have it, to make the famous ”  radio silence “. This radio silence is PRIMORDIAL in the phase of regaining love. You will therefore have to cut ALL contact with him. So: no more texting, no more messages on Facebook, no more emails, NOTHING. If you are normally constituted and you are still in love then it is normal that this advice goes against your desires. It is also normal that he scares you. I know it is complicated to cut ties with the person you love and who you want at all costs to recover but if you really want to then follow him.

Why is it so necessary to make this radio silent?

First of all, for the simple reason that your relationship is over and there is no point in pretending nothing has happened. Worse yet, texting her to let her know how sad you are will only infuriate her and push her away from you further. Texting him will certainly do you good for a few minutes or even a whole day, but he will never ever bring your ex-home.

Then, cutting ties with your ex will prevent you from the worst situations. Indeed, as I just said, if you make a declaration of love to her, you will be totally counterproductive, Camille. These declarations of love as HERE  must be made ONLY AFTER RADIO SILENCE (which must last at least 3 weeks). Likewise, it will prevent you from talking about past wounds which, we know, will hardly please him.

Finally, your radio silence will surprise him. Why? Because he expects you to be bad, that you cry… He expects to receive messages or even gifts. On the other hand, he does not expect your silence and this may make him aware of a lot of things, in particular, that he may still care about you. With this radio silence, you will engender the most important thing in him for your reconquest: lack. How do you expect him to miss him if you keep telling him that you love him? If you let him know he can come back anytime he wants?

I will even add that this radio silence, although you certainly doubt it, will do you good Camille because you can refocus on the main thing: you, your desires, your goals (apart from finding it).

The reconquest

Once you’ve found yourself back on your own and a few weeks have passed, send him a message to see him, to hear from him. In this message, you will have to make him feel (without saying it explicitly) that you are doing better, that you have moved on, that you have projects and that you would be happy to see him share them with him. Better, send him a nice handwritten letter after your radio silence. Indeed, the SR and the letter have for objective this famous meeting face to face. When you see it, don’t go back to the past, don’t go back over the breakup because it all has a negative echo. On the other hand, insist on the future without projecting yourself with it as a couple. Be seductive Camille, like when you started out.

Mistakes not to make to get your ex back

In any case, your message proves that you are acting the opposite of all these tips: You love her so much that you still express your love to her, and that’s a mistake.

Hoping to have enlightened you,

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