First phone call: what to talk about?

After several messages exchanged, it’s time to take the next step by calling that girl you like. Starting a phone conversation can sometimes be tricky, especially if you are rather shy. Indeed, the question we can ask ourselves is the following “what are we going to talk about?” “ To put the odds on your side to achieve seduce her during that first phone call, here are tips on topics to address that all goes well during this first exchange in person. First phone call: what to talk about?

First phone call: what to talk about?

You might have met this woman at a party and it was your lucky day, she gave you her phone number before you left. Or, you made his virtual acquaintance on a dating site or a social network, and after several messages exchanged on the “anonymous” messaging of the application, the current flows between you. Virtually anyway, and above all enough for you to exchange your numbers. So you go to the next step, that of SMS, instant messages on What’s App for example, or even voice messages.

What is the first call for?

You must, first of all, know that even in the world of virtual encounters, especially elsewhere, we see that there are codes and stages which are linked together, synonymous with the evolution of the virtual link which is put in place. square.

So if you are there, it is because you are ready for the last step before the actual meeting, the date or the date, that of the phone call.

The role of this first phone call is to reassure each other about each other’s identity and to see if the exchange is as fluid orally as in writing. And thus, to create a familiarity to plan on a first date which brings together all the chances of being positive.

It’s stuck between you, tonight, instead of an exchange of written messages, you are going to talk to each other on the phone. Before you make that phone call, you might be wondering how to start the conversation? What to say after the usual banalities, the courtesies of the type “good evening how are you?” You had a good day? “

Here are some tips to make that first phone call your chance to land a date very soon.

First phone call: what to talk about?

Be frank

Do not hesitate to be frank and direct without exceeding certain limits of course with for example simple and effective introductions such as “I wanted to talk to you this evening”, “I waited impatiently for this moment” or “It’s been a while since I wanted to call you, but I didn’t want to disturb you / go too fast.” “ You say the truth without making tons and it is touching. There is therefore every chance that he likes it if you do not fall into the register of the talkative.

Go back to your previous exchanges

If you are there, it is because you have already exchanged a lot before by written messages. But, if writing is a good introduction to getting to know each other, and the only one virtually speaking, for many it may seem too superficial.

Going back to some of the points discussed previously will allow you to add some relief to your words. Ask her to detail some of the things she has told you about her, if they are not sensitive subjects of course, in order to get to know her better. Only one rule: be careful not to repeat yourself too much! Indeed, it is a question of deepening, not of going around in circles for whole minutes on subjects already discussed at length, width, and width.

Find common ground between you

Most of the time, phone calls are made in the evening after work. This is the perfect opportunity to ask him how his day went. From there, bounce back and ask her questions about her everyday life, her daily life, what she likes to do, or on the contrary what she hates. Show him that his occupations interest you and do not hesitate to give opinions. Keep in mind that you must first of all look for common points that may exist between you during this first telephone conversation. So do not hesitate to dig into certain subjects that seem promising to you, such as for example a sport, cinema, an author, animals, travel, a country, in particular, cooking …

First phone call: what to talk about?

Take an interest in her

Show her that you care about her by focusing the topic on her passions and daily activities: “Did you go well at work today? “ Or ” You don’t feel too tired after this workout? “

As for the commonalities, you can bounce on one of these topics or else, bring up another by asking her if she has anything planned for the evening to come, the next day, the following weekend. If she sees friends, her family, if she likes going out… Then shift to the places she likes to go and ask her questions about the activities that she likes to share. It’s a good way to continue to find common ground.

How do you end this phone call?

Remember that if it went well and confirmed your interest in her, the goal is to take the next step by evoking the possibility of a future meeting or by simply offering her a date depending on the degree of familiarity – and impatience – that you felt between yourselves.

“Shall we have a drink soon?” “

This is one of the best ways to end a conversation with the person you meet online. The goal: to see each other. So, why not take advantage of this moment when you have to hang up to make this offer? Anyway, she’s not naive, she surely expects it, and maybe even hopes it …

“I’ll let you imagine our first meeting …”

This concluding sentence is for the most confident among you, the most seductive, therefore. And we must admit, it passes or it breaks. If this is the way you are, stay natural and go for it. But don’t do it if that doesn’t sound like you, she would be disappointed if on D-Day she didn’t have this man in front of her who seemed so sure of himself…

“I don’t have enough battery anymore, I’ll leave you …”

If you are really panicking, the conversation ends, the situation impresses you, you can always pretend “I have more battery”. This will prevent you from hanging up abruptly. This would risk frustrating her and, perhaps, burying your chances of seduction. You will do places next time, after reading or rereading this article!

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