Find a catchy nickname for a dating site

Do you want to register on a dating site but you get stuck at the first step? That of finding a catchy nickname, the nickname that looks like you while holding the attention? Because if it seems innocuous like that, in fact, a bad nickname, banal, old-fashioned, vulgar risks making you miss great opportunities for meetings. If, on the other hand, your nickname is both original and striking, you will score points and thus increase your chances of transforming the virtual into the real! So how do you find a catchy nickname for a dating site? Here are the tips to follow.

Find a catchy nickname for a dating site

How important is a nickname on a dating site?

Your nickname speaks for you, it allows you to stand out, to stand out from the pack in a way. Indeed, as we know, competition is fierce on dating sites and applications. The profiles are very numerous and therefore at first glance, it is not easy to sort. So if you find an eye-catching nickname, matched with a filled-out, easy-to-read profile and natural, positive photos of you, you’ll be among the eye-catching profiles!

Your nickname must therefore value you and stand out from the start, so you will naturally increase the number of visits to your profile and therefore the chances of finding the person made for you!

In fact, your nickname is both your virtual identity name and your first conversation bait. The more it looks like you, the more original and in line with your personality it is, and the better your chances of drawing attention to yourself.

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How to choose a catchy nickname?

Using your first name or a diminutive is a safe and honest value, but it will not necessarily differentiate you. For example Clem for Clément or Clémence, Matt for Mathieu, Alex for Alexandra . Sure, you don’t take any risks, but you don’t stand out.

Remember to add something more personal (and especially no number!).

To find the perfect nickname that will stick to your skin, you need to take the time to find what identifies you best. Are you passionate about cinema? Sport? Literature? Art? Of music? Are you a geek? Cooking fan?

You can also choose a nickname related to a trait of your character, your values, ​​or your philosophy of life.

Once you have identified what makes you a true being, you will have to transform this idea into a nickname that reflects your identity.

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Stand out

As we have said, on dating sites, the competition is sometimes quite tough and the nickname is often what is the worst chosen. Good for you! With  Sebdu75, Lucas23, or BoGossedu95, we come close to the overdose of banality. Choosing a good nickname is therefore decisive for the future because it is via this nickname that a member will remember you. If it blends in with the crowd, it’s hard to make a lasting impression. But if it is well selected, it will help you stand out from the crowd immediately.

For this, you can use your real nickname if your family or friends give you one, a diminutive if not a classic Ludo, Seb, Mat or Alex, Sab, Manue used for ease by many.

A nickname related to your passions, your tastes, your personality

We all have a passion, or at least an activity that we like to practice for fun, competition or relaxation. Sport, dance, art, cinema, thrillers, series, cooking, travel… Why not choose your nickname by going to draw from the vocabulary of this passion or from its lexicon?

If you love cinema, get inspiration from your favorite movie! Are you a football fan? Pick from your club’s vocabulary! More of a foodie? Do not hesitate to find a pseudonym related to your culinary interests!

You can also highlight a trait of your personality that defines you well, your main quality (or flaw for a touch of humor if it is assumed), an important value in your eyes.

Be original!

Choose a mysterious, intriguing nickname that makes you wonder who you are. To do this, you can also mix together several pieces of information about yourself. Like your passion and your favorite color, your quality, and your zodiac sign, as long as it rings true and it matches you.

Humor: good or bad idea for a nickname?

Only choose this option if you enjoy humor, jokes and people say you are funny. Don’t fall for cynicism or biting irony, spikes or vulgarity. Being funny is a good approach technique if your humor is up to the task and you know how to be serious when you need to.

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Find a catchy nickname for a dating site

Nicknames to avoid 

Here are the mistakes to avoid when choosing the nickname that will be your virtual identity:

  • Being vulgar: no word with a sexual connotation
  • Use the nickname with name and number: too classic, seen and reviewed 1000 times, like  Marc17  or  Stéphanie33 
  • Take a naughty nickname: unless you use a specialized dating site
  • Brag  : by a nickname with a superlative like Meilleurdancer ,  Hgénéreux , FemmePerfaite …
  • Be out-of-date: beware of the border between romanticism and out-of-date, to banish therefore Amoureux_du_88 or Superlover  for example

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Some examples of nicknames to use

It’s up to you to personalize them according to your universe of course.

The nickname of the cinephile

The cinema offers you an immense choice of nicknames between the heroes of films, the characters and the names of series …

  • R2d2depaname
  • The-lord-of-encounters
  • CaptainBordeaux

But also the nickname of the series fan: “RickGrimes” or “Lucille”. Reference to the cult zombie series The Walking Dead for example. Good idea to arouse the interest of fans of the said series and have the first topic of conversation.

A funny nickname

Try to distill a little humor with a funny nickname if it matches your profile.

  • He was a foissurTinder
  • Talk to me!
  • AdoptJulien

The athlete’s nickname

It’s up to you to play according to your favorite sport!

  • Marathon man
  • BallonDor
  • Like a fish in water

The reader’s nickname

  • Mot-Passant: you don’t need to have a bac + 5 to understand the nod to one of the great writers of French literature. A play on words that will arouse curiosity!
  • PassionBook
  • BooksAndMe

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