Example of a catchy ad on a dating site

It’s not always easy to write a good, eye-catching ad on a dating site! Indeed, what is difficult is to succeed in highlighting yourself, to make others want to discover us more.

The Meetic workshops that I run to learn how to have a good ad on a dating site

For almost two years, I run a workshop for Meetic where I teach men (because women, even without a profile, receive messages), to write a catchy ad on a dating site.

Some basics:

    • Always write something! It seems obvious, yet when I go to dating sites, I quickly realize that it is not always done. Always remember that, unfortunately, a dating site is a lot like a catalog of human products. Once you like the photo, we move on to the description. And if the latter does not meet our expectations, we will not go further.
  • Ban words such as “alone” or “loneliness” which are very anxiety-provoking.
  • Talking about you, really about you. For example, I always read ”  I like going to restaurants and to the movies “. Ok, but who doesn’t like that? That tells me absolutely nothing more about you! Ok, you like to eat out, but what style of food do you like? Italian? Mexican? Japanese? And at the cinema, what are you going to see? Thrillers? Comedies? Historical dramas? This is how the person reading you will actually know more about you.
  • Talk about how you see a relationship, what you like to do when you’re a couple. Do not hesitate to mention if you are a single, divorced dad …

Vouvoyer or familiar?

I often say that you can easily talk to you up to 30, 35 years old. Beyond that, start by seeing and then ask from the first message if you can talk to each other.

If you can’t get messages and dates on dating sites, my method is for you!

Example of a catchy ad on a dating site

Although I meet a lot of people at work or on my outings, I haven’t yet come across the one that makes my heart beat faster.

To talk about myself a little, well, I’m a frequent traveler. I have always traveled the world in a backpack or in pretty hotels, and I only ask to share these incredible adventures with a woman who devours life as much as I do. I fell in love with Latin America but I love going absolutely everywhere.

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Otherwise fulfilled in my work, which is already quite a bit these days, I have a balanced life between my work, my friends, and my travels. But in my opinion, the most important thing is missing: Love. Because I am not going to marry either with my friends or with a country. I have a real desire to build or rather, to rebuild. Because separated after 9 years of living together, I am now completely available and looking to the future.

As a couple, I think I am an attentive and attentive man. I like to make the person who shares my life dream, just as I like to be surprised.

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