Can we stay friends with someone we love?

Staying friends with your ex is like looking at a chocolate fondant and not being allowed to touch it when it’s been five days since you’ve eaten. Staying friends with your ex is like watching the neighbor across the street who is renovating their whole apartment when you can’t afford a new TV. In short, staying friends with your ex is often very frustrating. So, can we stay friends with someone we love?

Is it possible to stay friends with someone you love?

I’m not going to write ten pages to answer you. NO. NO, it is not possible to remain friends with someone you love. You can remain friends with someone you loved in the past, but not that you love in the present.

I think the reasons are as obvious to you as they are to me. By remaining friends with your ex you will:

  • Suffer the martyr
  • Make you friendzoned forever
  • Hear about his new conquests and will have murder cravings.
  • Stay in the past and will not be able to move forward.
  • Block you in your romantic relationships with always that vain hope that your ex will come back to you.

Staying friends with your ex if you don’t love him anymore?

YES. This is healthier.

But be careful, you don’t become friends with your ex the day after the breakup! The process can be more or less long.

First, don’t even try to be friends with your ex if your ex still loves you. It would be completely sadistic and I know that you reading this are sane people!

The process of mourning a breakup can sometimes be long: depending on each person’s history, their experience, their love, their character… So we respect the latter.

You will almost always have to go through the ” RADIO SILENCE ” phase, even if you don’t want to get your ex back but just become friends with him.

There are some good reasons you might want to stay friends with your ex. Maybe you were friends before, maybe the breakup was made by mutual agreement, maybe you get along really well but don’t want each other more intimately… In these cases, it will be enough easy to (re) become friends with your ex.

On the other hand, if you still feel attracted to the person you loved, even if it is only physically, you risk quickly plunging back into it, and that is not good!

Don’t lie to yourself!

Please don’t lie to yourself. Ask yourself ten times if you have to, but before you want to be friends with your ex you must be 200% certain that you no longer have ANY LOVING FEELINGS ABOUT HIM.

Otherwise, you are signing your death and you will suffer like never before, so don’t do anything stupid!

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