7 things to do before a first date

A first date is a moment when everything is played out: the one who will decide whether or not there will be a second one, and why not many others… So you have the pressure, unfortunately, that you want it or not! To help you decompress as much as possible, and to approach your data in the best possible conditions, here are 7 things to do before a first date !!

1 / Stay well hydrated

The first dates are at the top of the list (neck and neck with the exams) as stressful things as possible! Of course, you are not gambling your career, but you could well have your whole love life at stake …

So drink! Water eh… Because it is very likely that you risk suffering from nervousness, and that, contrary to what you might think, alcohol can only harm you, especially if you are dehydrated. A lack of hydration can lead to a deficit in concentration, and you need your whole head!

2 / take a shower

For many reasons, take a shower before your date! First, and obviously, a shower will make you feel clean, and not stink of sweat.

Second, a good hot shower will soothe you, relax you, and calm your nerves. Boosting you at the same time. Ideal for calmly approaching your appointment afterward!

3 / inspect your wardrobe

A priori, you know where your meeting will take place, and what it will consist of (picnic, cinema, drink at the bar, dinner at the restaurant, etc…). So adapt your outfit to suit… Don’t find yourself doing a sporting activity in a summer dress, however becoming!

Also, watch the weather, you will avoid disappointments. So plan in advance what outfit you will wear so as not to ask yourself this kind of existential questions 30 minutes before your date! And if you ever don’t have anything that’s right for you, don’t hesitate to ask your best friend for a small loan.😉

4 / Prepare some conversation topics

The biggest fear everyone shares on a date? Silences that go on forever! Anticipate and prevent these awkward moments from happening by preparing 4 or 5 conversation topics that you can use to revive an exchange that is gradually losing its interest.

Whether it is about hobbies, the latest cultural outings/discoveries, vacations, work, etc. It will be much easier for you if you have prepared questions beforehand!

5 / Boost your confidence


How? ‘Or’ What? By having a good chat with your best friend for example! Because, no matter how confident you are, the stress of a first date can trump everything else. It is therefore important that you have a short time on the phone or face to face with your confidant to remind you how fantastic you are, and that you are going to have a great time with them. your date!

6 / relax

Something easier said than done! Before your first date, multiply calm activities to be as peaceful as possible before going. Yoga, relaxation exercises, relaxation therapy, listening to music, reading a book, taking a nap. Nothing like it to get off on the right foot afterwards! Keep calm, and tell yourself you’re going to have a blast!

7 / Stalk (a little bit)!

We’re not going to hide it, we’ve all done it. And besides, it is almost certain that your date did the same … So do not deprive yourself! Without scrutinizing her entire privacy, try to gather some useful information before your first date, if you haven’t already. Thus, you will have an idea of ​​his hobbies, his centers of interests, his circles of friends etc … And it is just as many clues leading to good topics of conversation ! Be careful, however, not to burn yourself out at the risk of passing for the psychopath on duty (even if no one is fooled) ^^

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