7 signs your ex wants to come back

It can be difficult to understand and come to terms with a breakup, especially when everything seems to be going well. In any case, that is what it seemed and we did not know or did not want to see the warning signs of a possible separation. We then wonder if it’s just a bad patch if our ex is going to regret this decision. Do you spend your days wondering what your ex is doing, where he is, and with whom? You regret this breakup and wonder if he or she too? Learn to spot the telltale signs so you don’t get the wrong idea. The ones that show that your ex may not have really forgotten about you. So will he/she regret it and come back? Here are 7 signs your ex wants to come back.

7 signs your ex wants to come back

# 1 Your ex checks in on you regularly

If your ex is checking in with you regularly, that’s a pretty encouraging first sign. Many people who have ended a relationship cut ties when they break up and don’t want to hear from you again. It is total radio silence, the page is then turned. If he, therefore, wants to hear from you and sends you regular messages, it is because he may not be so sure of his decision. In addition, if his messages remain or become complicit, tender, or caring again, this may be the opportunity for you to take your chance and try something.

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# 2 your ex doesn’t forget your birthday

Is your ex still thinking about wishing you your birthday, your birthday, or any other date that is important to you? Here we are faced with a second sign which is quite revealing. Indeed, it is surely not simple politeness, he or she thinks of you and lets you know it. No one wishes a birthday or a party to someone they don’t care about or who doesn’t mean anything to them or to them anymore. Unless he or she is playing with you. And that, you alone (e) know it better than anyone to know it. This date and this message are therefore the golden opportunities to get to the bottom of it and to allow you to gently reconnect with him or her.

# 3 your ex is still in touch with your family

You found that your ex was still updating your family and that he or she was hearing from them as well. And even more positive, he or she asks to hear from you as a bonus. Simple politeness or awkwardness? On the contrary, it may sound like a lasting sign of interest on his part in you. An ex who no longer wants to have you in his life will not go to hear from his ex-in-laws, it’s quite logical. To dig then, if it is combined with other evocative signs.

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# 4 your ex wonders about your love life

This sign is one of the most important. If your ex wants to know where you are with your romantic life, it is because he or she is surely hoping that no one has taken his place. Your ex continues to be interested in you, it’s quite rare that it’s just curiosity. This simply shows a form of jealousy on his part … Be careful, however, that this is not unhealthy curiosity or a form of possessiveness, as if he considered you to be his property … If he is jealous / she is jealous in a healthy way and can’t stand that you have someone else in your life, knows, so here it is permissible to ask the question. Maybe he or she still has feelings for you. Unconsciously or not, your ex doesn’t want someone to replace him.

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3 other signs your ex wants to come back

# 5 your ex accepts your date request

Curious to know where you really are, you took the plunge, tried everything, and contacted him again. And much more, you offered to see you again to discuss without really believing it. And, in the end, and to your surprise, your ex agreed! He or she seems available for you and does not seem to want to cancel this future meeting, on the contrary. So it seems that he or she wants to spend time with you. Maybe he or she can’t wait to see you again. Who knows, you might be lucky!

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# 6 your ex always talks about you to his friends

Among all the signs this one is in a fairly good position. Frankly ask his friends if your ex still talks about you, especially if you have kept friends in common, it will be even easier. Try to bring the subject in a little roundabout way, an air of nothing… If they answer you favorably you can start to believe that your ex may not have drawn the line on your story, at all. case, not a definitive trait. It’s up to you to analyze the other signs …

# 7 He’s nostalgic for your story: one of the signs your ex wants to come back

You know he or she is still talking about your old love affair. He or she told you directly, gave you news or you found out through mutual friends. If the messages or the news do not revolve around a simple “how are you” it is rather evocative, especially if he or she speaks with nostalgia. Because, once again, an ex who just wants to turn the page has no interest in relaunching you and even less in telling you about the good times and memories spent together. It’s up to you to see if your common memories can allow you to reconnect with something concrete. And what follow-up to give them, or not …

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All these signs are therefore quite evocative and suggest that your ex regrets his decision. Afterwards, you must of course remain cautious and not let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions. Keep in mind that despite everything, an error in judgment is still possible despite certain signs. So pay attention to these signs and trust yourself. If your ex wants to come back to you you will feel it and if he / she is sincere, his / her / its reconquest will be too.

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