7 signs your ex still loves you

A breakup is always a difficult stage to live, whether or not you initiate it or not. It is even more so when you can’t tell if your ex still has feelings for you. His attitude and the signals he sends you are quite confusing, you don’t quite know what to think. Does he still love me? Is he still thinking of me? Or am I the one making ideas? And you, do you still love him? And let’s be honest, when we’re so involved in a situation, it’s hard to see things clearly and be objective. So that you can get an idea and find out where you really are with your ex, here is something to see more clearly. Here are 7 signs your ex still loves you.

7 signs your ex still loves you

# 1 you hear from him regularly

If he still has feelings for you, chances are he will continue to contact you regularly. An SMS, a call, an unexpected visit, in short, any means to stay in touch with you. If in addition, the reasons for his news are quite trivial and more like excuses, it is because he tries in any way to maintain contact and the link with you. Unless you have maintained friendly relations with him by mutual agreement, it is an undeniable sign that he still loves you and is surely looking to reconnect with you.

# 2 he reacts positively when he sees you

Does he meet you at the supermarket or meet you at a party organized by mutual friends and his smile widens? Whether the meeting is unforeseen or on the contrary scheduled, his reaction is always very positive. Pay attention to his reaction, but if he seems happy to see you when it wasn’t planned, that’s a pretty telling sign that he hasn’t forgotten you. If he did he would do his best to avoid you, especially in front of his friends.

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# 3 He is on the lookout for your every social media post

For each of your publications or photos on the networks, he is the first to like or comment. His comments are always very nice, with more smileys and sometimes even more or less ambiguous words that suggest that he has not forgotten you, that you are still in his head and in his heart. This is a pretty glaring sign that shows your ex still has feelings for you.

# 4 he gets jealous if you get the attention of other men

A man who loves you will not appreciate at all that someone other than him looks at you insistently, approaches you, or even flirts with you openly. In short, he will be jealous if another man pays you the attention and his protective side will simply stand out. If this is the case with your ex and you have found yourself in such a situation, it is a rather telling sign of the attachment he still has for you.

3 more signs your ex still loves you

# 5 He is very affectionate with you

Being affectionate does not necessarily mean in love, it’s true because in friendship we can be just as much. Except that when it comes to your ex and that when you meet he welcomes you squarely with open arms telling you that he is very happy to see you, we can ask the question whether it is from simple friendship or if love is still present. Especially when we have been intimate because, indeed, it is still quite rare to go from a romantic relationship to a friendly and warm relationship in an instant.

# 6 He’s very tactile with you

The gestures are sometimes more significant are the words. Some people sometimes do not dare to speak and feel more comfortable in gestures and behavior to make you understand how they feel for you. Physical contact can therefore be a way for a man to express what he does not dare to tell you. For example, he gives you a kiss a little too close to your mouth or his hand stays on your shoulder a little longer than the others… These gestures clearly show that he is still attached to you.

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# 7 He remembers the important moments in your history

He always thinks of your birthday, of your party and even of important moments in your history, past memories. He will say to you for example “Do you remember when we went on vacation to such and such a place”, “Do you remember that day when we did this or that? “. In short, any moment can bring back happy memories of your history. By bringing up these memories, he is actually trying to tell you that he misses you, that he misses the times that you shared together. Again, this is a sign that your ex still loves you. And if you want to make your ex regret leaving you, it’s here!

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