7 original first date ideas

Are you more of the hothead type, and do you think you’ve found your male / female alter-ego? Someone who won’t shy away from whatever you do? What if you decided to spice things up a bit?

It is scientifically proven, if you have a first date rich in thrills, you and your date will associate this feeling of excitement with the presence of the other, and you will inevitably forge links more easily … So if you don’t be afraid to take the plunge, here are 7 original and ultra-intense date ideas to experience at least once in your life!

Be careful, however, to let your date know and to ensure his approval before embarking on this kind of adventure …

1 / bungee jumping

Reserved for people with nerves of steel, bungee jumping will give you intense sensations that few activities can claim to give … Of course, and as for the other activities that will follow, never improvise this kind. of extreme sports! Be sure to practice it while being supervised by professionals, in places designed for this kind of thing …

2 / Parachute jump

Jumping from a plane will make you feel like you are the heroes of a real action movie! And the supervision will allow you to experience this kind of feeling in complete safety. In addition, during your fall, you will be able to admire a splendid panorama: the land admired from a whole new point of view! Enough to make lasting memories for you from your first date!

3 / Go to the gym

If you and your date are more of the athletic type who swears by Crossfit, squats, push-ups, dumbbells, burpees, etc … Then you have an original and intense idea for a date! Even more so if you like challenges… And if you’re not afraid to spend time sweating and grimacing together, then run and do it!

Sharing a common passion remains and will always remain the best of all first date ideas!

4 / Let off steam on a shooting range

Generally reserved for adults, shooting ranges allow you to initiate yourself into the practice of caliber shooting, in complete safety. For fans of hardcore action movies! You can also do a variation by going to an archery range, which is quieter, generally more accessible, and less expensive, for those who are rejected by guns.

A very original idea for a date that will ensure you laugh out loud (especially if you suck ahah).

5 / Dreaming on a balloon trip

Unlike most other ideas, this activity will not require you to have any special skills! Apart from one: to have a lot of courage, and little or no vertigo! More and more accessible, this activity will engrave exceptional moments between you and your date. Take advantage of the return of sunny days to offer your date a magnificent and atypical view of the country! Make sure beforehand that he (she) is not afraid of heights!

6 / Go hiking/climbing/skiing in the mountains

If you’re a die-hard athlete at heart, this is the perfect opportunity to show yourself what you can do! We would like to point out once again that nature is often more dangerous than one can imagine, and that the mountain does not forgive any mistakes, so do not start without professionals on unmarked trails, or off-piste. unconscious way!

7 / Take a motorcycle ride

If one of you has a motorcycle license and a nice bike, use it to have an exciting date for less! Go for a walk in the countryside, make your date discover new, unusual, magnificent places. Plan to make a picnic in the middle of nature. Without forgetting all the necessary protections! A little motorcycle ride, tight against each other, in a leather jumpsuit, there is no denying it, it brings you closer!

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