6 mistakes to avoid after a successful first date

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You were anxious at the idea of ​​this first meeting and now this difficult step is taken. Everything is also for the best because it went wonderfully. You are on cloud nine. The current has passed, you found it interesting. The evening has passed and no detail in his behavior has put you off. You even left a little reluctantly. In short, you have only one desire: to see it again and quickly! But what to do there, right away? Or rather not to do? Because, you know, nothing is taken for granted, it’s just a first date so now is not the time to take a wrong step. How to behave after a successful first date? What should “not” be done? Here are 6 tips, 6 mistakes to avoid after a successful first date.

6 mistakes to avoid after a successful first date 

1. I don’t harass him

You have just left him and you would almost miss him already… This is a good thing, it confirms that on your side the current has passed and that this first meeting has been successful. But neither is that a reason to flood it with texts and calls during the hours and days that follow.

Please note that you should not pass in total radio silence either. No, text the next day in the day, it’s neither too early nor too late, just to tell him that you had a great evening with him and that you hope to see him again soon. Just avoid the “I miss you”, “I want to see you so much” , it’s too soon after a first date. Take it slow and don’t pester him if by chance he doesn’t respond to you within five minutes. You will see that this will surely be the best approach if you want to review it quickly.

2. I don’t get carried away

For you this first evening was a success, you already feel that you are under its spell. You also have the feeling that it’s mutual, that he had a great time too. It’s perfect but be careful, you are only on the very first date and even if this evening was an excellent start, nothing is won yet!

Do not make the mistake of getting carried away at the risk of perhaps scaring him a little and especially giving the impression of wanting to go too fast. Carried away by euphoria you risk making a mistake. So be patient and wait for a sign from him insteadIf, as you feel, the first date was a success, he will soon suggest another one to you quickly.

3. I do not search social networks

Of course, we recognize it, the temptation to go dig a little his profile on all social networks is very strong the day after your first meeting or even when returning directly! Except that this is really not the best idea! You risk getting anguished or stressed quickly by scrutinizing each of his photos or publications.

 He has indeed had a lifetime before meeting you and his profile may not necessarily be up to date either. And if you feel unable to resist going for it, but above all take a step back and try not to imagine yourself in every photo where he is in “charming company”. The ideal is to get to know her face to face and without the virtual!

3 other mistakes to avoid after a successful first date 

4. I try not to analyze everything

This advice is not always easy to follow but tries to do it, it is important for you to be calm. After a first date, it is of course important that you examine how you feel about him, but over-analysis could do you more harm than good. So try not to dissect every moment of the evening, every gesture he has made, or every word.

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Some of his attitudes or reactions can sometimes indicate a character trait, but they can also mean nothing at all. He was probably also dreading this first meeting and therefore, it was perhaps not 100% natural. Tell yourself that you don’t know a person after just one meeting, so take the time to get to know each other.

2 fundamental mistakes to avoid after a successful first date

5. I don’t tell everyone about it

Even if you are tempted to shout your excitement from the rooftops, wait a bit. Indeed, your judgment and your desires may be influenced by the inevitable comments of each other. Also, if unfortunately, things didn’t work out quickly, it would be painful for you to have to explain to everyone that it didn’t work.

So wait until you have seen the person a few times to be sure on both sides that the feeling really passes. At that moment you will be able to shout your joy to whoever wants to hear it!

6. I don’t project myself as a couple in the minute

A successful first date usually means that it paves the way for a second and, hopefully, a long streak. But it is too early to know it and therefore to say it right after this first meeting. So while waiting to know what he thinks, and to really get to know each other, it is fashionable not to project yourself right away.

 And even, without this being necessarily necessary, do not close the other doors for all that. This is not to encourage you to see other people at all. It’s just that until this story really begins and you’re officially a couple, don’t cut off any talk you may be having outside. It would be quite normal for you to keep other contacts if unfortunately, things do not go as you hope.

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