5 things to avoid to get your ex back

”  What my mouth, what’s wrong with me  “, this sentence could well reflect your current state: you look like a living dead swallowing Nutella with a spoon, you live in the dark and have adopted a new position to sleep: the ball. Curled up on yourself, you haven’t felt capable of anything since he left. And yet, you do everything to scare him away! Here are the five mistakes you should not make if you really want to get your friend back:

1) threaten him

You call ten times a day, when you cry the most, in order to show him all the hurt you feel about your rupture. Worse, you dared to blackmail suicide! Slashing your arms won’t bring him back. What image do you send of yourself if not a hysterical wreck? Who would want a rabid? Your friend may have left you for similar reasons ( Possessiveness / Jealousy / Hysteria …), prove to him that you are not like this. Instead of threatening to kill you, show him that you are independent, that you can live without him. Apply the most common adage in love: run away from me I follow you, follow me I run away from you. You most certainly feel like you really want to die, but you just want to live, with him. So don’t make this monstrous mistake!

2) harass him

In the same vein, stop calling him thirty times a day, going to his place of work, ringing the bell at 3 a.m. at home to check if he is alone. Contrary to what you think, it won’t make you feel better. You will just be disillusioned a little more every minute because no, he will not answer you, he will not be willing to receive you at his work, and will sleep too soundly to open up to you at late hours. What will you feel? Frustration, abandonment, and deep pain. Put yourself in his shoes for even a minute: would you want to come back with someone who is harassing you? ? If he made the decision to break up, it is because there was a reason beforehand, trying not to go out of his life by forcing is to be forgotten!

3) Make him jealous with one of his FRIENDS

Try to stir up his jealousy, why not, although I don’t think that’s the best way to go. But using a friend of his to meet your expectations is a perverse act. You might be mad at him, you hate him … But you can’t try to destroy a friendship just for your own pleasure. By doing this, your ex will never want to hear from you again and will banish you from their life for good.

4) Beg him to come back

We’ve all done it, they’ve all done it too… Is there a more unbearable feeling than this? When I left my first boyfriend, who I had stayed with for three years, he harassed me for over six months. Calling my sister, my parents, my friends… And let me tell you, I was boiling inside! I wanted it never to exist, to disappear from my life! And for nothing in the world, I would not have wanted him to come back to my side! The biggest pretext for our breakup was precisely his possessiveness, and he stupidly believed that by harassing me and promising me that he was going to change, I was going to believe him? No!

5) Contact your parents / relatives

As I specified above, contacting the relatives of our ex is to be banned! They are HIS friends, HIS parents, it is not for them to comfort us!

5 + 1) Continue to sleep with

Do you want, after several years of relationship, to find yourself in a ” sex plan ” with him? To be neither more nor less than a girl who satisfies his desires but with whom he has nothing more to share? You are hurting yourself by adopting this behavior, although it is very difficult to deny yourself to the man you love!

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