5 mistakes not to make on a first date

That’s it! You have finally landed this long-awaited first meeting! But the hardest part remains to be done … So if you want things to go beyond the first date between you, discover the 5 mistakes not to make on a first date:

1 / Being late

If for some, being late is the mark of important people, the fact of hanging your date for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or even an hour is anything but distinguished! And you will start off on a bad foot … If, however, your date has had the patience to wait for you!

The delay in some people is almost genetic (I know it, I experience it on a daily basis with my darling!), But if there is a moment when it is in your interest to make an effort, it is good. on the first date! So we get moving, and we take precautions, and we do not panic if we are 5 minutes late, relax, you are not at a professional interview!

2 / have an unsuitable look

Speaking of inappropriate looks, I’m aiming for the extremes: if you jogging and your Sunday sweatshirt are warm and ultra-comfortable, you don’t have to show yourself on the first date!

Likewise, avoid the tuxedo for the guys, and the evening dress for the girls… I’m caricature, but you got the message: no need to do too much, it will make him/her run away! Make yourself comfortable, choose an outfit that you like, that highlights you while remaining casual! Be yourself don’t play a role😉

3 / Not having proper hygiene

And by hygiene, I mean the minimum union! It is still the basis, even if strangely, still too few people seem to realize it… No, we do not ask you to have ultra-bright teeth like in pubs, nor to embalm cologne. ! But avoid having the leftovers of your midday meal stuck between your teeth, or feeling as if you have just come out of an intense sports training! There is nothing that does not cool down more than that during a first contact …

4 / make the wrong choice of dishes

Ok, you would love to order this spaghetti, this mashed garlic, or this quadruple steak / Salad / Tomato/onion burger … But hey, wouldn’t it be wise to cut yourself off on a lighter dish, less “odorous”, or less traitor to eat? If so, believe me! Okay, in a way, if the current is going well, it can be a great way to break the ice, than to laugh at your culinary setbacks, but sometimes it’s just something that will put your date off more than anything else !!

5 / Focus the discussion on just one of you two …

… Whether on you or on him/her! You are here to get to know each other, to discover each other, to learn more about the other. But this is not possible if you focus the conversation on one of you two! Okay, it could be that your date or you fear a big white embarrassing in the conversation, and therefore speak speaks without interrupting. But that is not the solution for all that! So if you notice this trend, skilfully refocus the conversation so that everyone is entitled to their little speech!😉

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