What is a “kleenex” or “bandage” relationship

What is a kleenex relationship or bandage relationship? Good kleenex, we all know what it is! Ah, the kleenex! This object for which we have so little gratitude and which nevertheless serves us so well! So quickly used, so quickly thrown away! And yet, these little handkerchiefs, we greatly appreciate them once winter comes, to wipe our runny nose in a frankly not super glamorous way! We also like these little handkerchiefs when they help us dry our tears, thus bringing us a little comfort. Well, that’s exactly what a kleenex relationship is!

Forgetting your ex … with the kleenex relationship

It’s been a few weeks now since you broke up with your ex-partner, and you can’t seem to erase it from your memory, to think of someone other than him/her. And yet, you are aware that all this is useless, that your story is well and truly over, and that it is time for you to move forward, to draw a final line on your love. And what better way to get over it than to start a new relationship? But you are clear-headed, you know that you are not yet able to start a serious new affair with someone else, simply because you have not yet come to terms with your past relationship. This is where the kleenex relationship comes into play.

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This kleenex relationship will simply help you move on! That’s why you don’t care about finding your perfect, perfect partner, or even just someone who is compatible. You are simply looking for physical contact, moral support from this new/new partner. A man dressing or a woman dressing in short. He / She will make it easier for you to forget your ex. To rebuild the self-confidence that you lost because of your recent breakup. Or avoid the looks of pity from those around you! And if by that very fact it can make your ex jealous, it is the icing on the cake!

The problem is, you can unintentionally make your new partner suffer. Because the Kleenex relationship is not always done consciously. You can get back together really quickly with someone thinking you love them when you’re doing it just to forget about your ex …

A fool’s game?

In short, a kleenex relationship is a transition relationship before something more serious. Because let’s not forgotten, kleenex is still made to be thrown away after use! Kleenex relationships are rarely made to last … Unless the current goes so well that your tissue suddenly turns into a tissue!

These relationships are becoming a more and more frequent phenomenon these days, even if the term is still too little known, which means that the people concerned are rarely fooled! If your new partner knows that you are just coming out of a relationship that still left traces on you, chances are he/she knows full well that you are only looking for comfort and not to take your head off. ! Even more if you announced it cash! But otherwise, it’s up to you to see if you intend to inform him of the ephemeral nature of this new relationship …

Be careful, however, not to break hearts because the transience of the Kleenex relationship can be for you and not for him/her.

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