Submarineing or the most sadistic flirting technique

Ghosting: A person who breaks up overnight without giving any explanations or news.

Breadcrumbing: ”Comes from the English“ bread crumbs ”which means breadcrumbs. This ends refers to flirting with a person for a long time by making him believe that a romantic relationship is possible when in fact it is not.

Stashing: it is about concealing the existence of his partner in order to continue to lead his life as one sees fit.

Submarining or the most sadistic flirting technique

On closer inspection, you really get the impression that with all the social networks and the many dating apps , people are ultimately more and more afraid of engagement. They seek love but when they think they have found it, they run away.

Finally, don’t these “new” practices isolate us?

Where does the term Submarineing come from?

Submarining comes from the English “submarine” which means in French, submarine. This practice is quite similar to that of Ghosting in love. Basically, as I explained above, ghosting is the act of disappearing from a person’s life overnight. We no longer answer his calls or his texts, we play dead. Suddenly, the “ghost” will haunt the person who fell in love with it since she will have a hard time mourning her loss. This is not quite the case with Submarineing.

Differences between Ghosting and Submarining

When we practice ghosting, we disappear permanently from the life of the other. If the “ghost” is a big coward, the “submarine” is downright sadistic.

Indeed, submarining is a practice that consists in recontacting a person whom one had ignored as if nothing had happened.

There you have it, someone dumped you like the last m *** s and comes back a few weeks or even a few months later, without cheek, without remorse. He, therefore, remained in a “submarine” all this time.

Submarining VS Zombeing

Yes, I know, yet another term … Zombeing is all about reconnecting overnight with someone you had ignored. The difference with submarines is that the subject of the breakup is addressed. The “zombie” explains his disappearance, his absence with more or less honest excuses but which allow in any case to justify his behavior.

This is not at all the case with the “submarine”. He is really sadistic. He will send a simple text message like: ”  Hello, how would you like to go see this exhibition together?” “. Basically, you have shed all the tears in your body for this person, you are finally in the process of mourning and slowly forgetting him… And bam! He comes back like that, without warning, as if everything was due to him!

How to react to submarining?

The best option is to confront him directly. Accept his date proposal as if nothing had happened. Then once there, confront him face to face. He will not be able to flee and will be forced to answer your questions.


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