She illustrates her heartache on Instagram


1) Heart not ejected normally

Eject the core before disconnecting or turning it off.

2) This relationship cannot be reestablished. An error has occurred.

3) your heart is almost full

You need to make more space on your disk say by removing ex

4) Trust this lover?

You have been injured in the past. Trusting this lover will give him full access to your heart.

5) Loading of existential crises

6) Preparation for emptying the heart

7) Warning of low self-esteem

Your self-esteem is extremely low. Please correct it as soon as possible.

8) Are you sure you want to suppress all of your feelings?

By deleting your feelings, you are choosing to permanently delete them. This operation is irreversible.

9) Reminder: Nothing is eternal

10) disgust yourself

We hope that these diverted images will have pleased you despite their somewhat sad side and that they will have made you want to discover more of the artist’s works!

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