My ex doesn’t want to talk to me anymore: What to do?

Has your ex been radio silent since your breakup? Find out the reasons and what you can try to do to re-establish the dialogue in our article! My ex doesn’t want to talk to me anymore: What to do?

The heart has its reasons that reason ignores

There are words that we don’t forget

If he no longer wishes to speak to you, it is sure that he has his reasons … Start by asking yourself about the causes of your breakup, and about your responsibility in all of this. Perhaps you will see there again reasons… rather valid for not speaking to you anymore due to your old behavior… For example, if before leaving you called him of all names or that you dared to criticize the brandade de cod de his mother, it is quite understandable that he does not call you back!

It takes time to turn the page

It may be that your ex has not finished turning the page … If so, give him time to rebuild himself, to turn the page at his own pace, then, maybe he will send you a little message when he feels ready to talk to you again? It is important that everyone turns the page taking the time they need and in their own way. It is not because you have turned the page in 1 month that it will be the case for him! And if to turn the page, he needs to go through a moment of radio silence, respect him! Your next exchanges, if there are, can only be better as a result!

Not to suffer or not to make yourself suffer

If your romantic relationship was passionate and your separation was painful, the time to turn the page may be much longer … Especially if you still have feelings for each other. It is therefore possible that he does not call you or that he does not answer your messages to protect himself.

It may also be radio silence to protect you! If he is convinced that the breakup has been the best thing for your relationship and knows that it is more difficult for you than for him, he perhaps wishes not to answer to preserve you and not to give you false hopes…

Flight and fear

Gripped by fear, he may not dare to answer you because he simply does not know what to tell you … If one of his tactics to protect himself is to flee, know that you will have a hard time. keep him close to you to talk to him… He will always find a well-thought-out excuse to quickly slip away!

He no longer speaks to me: What to do?

Write him a letter

If communication is not your strong suit, or you’re afraid of not telling it everything you want or you’re afraid of forgetting an essential point … writing can be a useful refuge! 

Ask your friends

If you have friends in common and they weren’t on the side when you broke up, ask them how he’s doing and why he doesn’t want to talk to you now. However, it may not work if your friends do not want to get involved in your stories, which is quite understandable … Thanks to your mutual friends, you will also be able to see him again at parties, which greatly facilitates the dialogue resumption!

Offer him a coffee

If you have any items that belong to him, you can suggest that he meet him at a coffee shop to return them to him and discuss your respective progress.

The same habits

If your ex lives in your neighborhood and often goes to the same café as you, this could be a good way to “accidentally” meet you. Likewise, if he is keen on photography, for example, he might go see the next big exhibition in the city! A place where it would be possible to find you …

The great occasions

Christmas, the New Year, and birthdays are always a good time to reconnect! Send him a little personalized message and see if he answers you or not!

See you move forward

While some of these childish techniques may work, this one is the best! Because it is the only one that can make your ex want to come back to talk to you about himself! Seeing that you have turned the page and that you are progressing well in your life, he may have an irresistible urge to contact you again! Because we always want to be at the side of a happy person and well in his head! It is by seeing you move forward that your ex might want to reconnect with you!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that these little tips have given you some ideas to try to renew the dialogue with your ex. However, we advise you not to waste too much time on these “risky” dating techniques and instead focus your energy on your life and your projects! This is particularly how your ex can tell himself that you are an incredible woman who does not need anyone to make her dreams come true!


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