How to turn the page after a breakup

For this article, I decided to tell you about my story in order to help you answer this question: how to turn the page after a breakup?

10 years ago I got dumped by my lover. It was a relationship we had both really committed to: meeting parents, moving plan, and baby. He left me overnight without giving me the slightest chance to get him back. It was the first time in my life that I had invested so much in a story. The end resonated with me like a black hole I was falling into endlessly.

In my entire life, I have never felt so empty, shabby, lonely, and unimportant. I was no more than the shadow of my shadow (and again!). Suicide opened its arms to me, alcohol smiled at me and drugs screamed at me to come to join her. I had to fall very low to get myself back in hand.

In two years I read everything there is on the subject, I trained in NLP and coaching. I had to understand why we suffered so much in such a situation. I wanted to have the tools to help people get by more quickly and efficiently.

I will give you the tips and tricks to get your head out of the water:

  • You won’t try to get your ex back

The first thing I did after my relationship was to go on the internet and search the search engine for “  how to get your ex back  ”. You come across sites that will guarantee you will get it back in three weeks. You will believe it and follow all the advice given online. And when you try to contact him again, you will only have silence as an answer.

If your ex has left you, there is no point in acting: if he wants to come back he will come back on his own like a grown-up. Do you really think it is necessary to remember his fond memories !? He hasn’t forgotten you! He dumped you and just doesn’t want to hear from you anymore.

I can assure you that I might have had a chance to remain her friend if I had not followed the advice of the sites. The only thing that can help is the time associated with radio silence.

Advice from jess: Never give any news!

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  • You don’t get depressed 100,000 years

I know by full knowledge that the breakup of love causes abysmal pain! Nothing and no one can help you take that sadness and weight off your shoulders. The only person who can really help you is YOU.

Depress, cry, annoy your friends by always telling the same stories but not 100,000 years! At best you will mope, at worst it will be healing. Set yourself a month of depression: do not go out, eat, cry, phone friends… and then start a recovery program!

  • Change your apartment
  • Buy plants
  • Read, read, read
  • Buy a cat, a rabbit, a goldfish
  • Change bed
  • Throw away all of your ex’s things
  • Delete it from your mobile
  • Block it from social networks.

I know it’s hard but it’s the ONLY way to give you a chance to make it happen

  • You will become a social being again

You can’t do it alone. We need others to get our heads out of the water. It is imperative to GET OUT of your home as much as possible. You have to meet people, discover new places, and learn to smile again.

Recover quickly from a perspective of seduction and enjoy the looks and compliments that we can give you.

The sooner you find someone who can give you affection, the faster you will lose the urge to contact your ex again.

I’ll tell you a secret: 90% of the people I coached get back in touch with their ex by doing NOTHING !!!

The fact that you go about your life without worrying about your ex will catch their curiosity, and there’s a good chance you will hear from them in the trimester after the breakup.

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