How to take your mind off things after a breakup?

Are you going through a difficult breakup, you can’t stop thinking about it and you don’t know how to clear your mind after a breakup? Here are lots of ideas to help you overcome a breakup, stop thinking about it, and turn the page more easily… After a few days under the covers, rethinking what we said to each other, listening to music that makes you cry, and have some loss of appetite, it is important to get up and take action!

1) Travel

Traveling allows you to leave your story miles away and set off on a new start! The trips are rich in experiences, discoveries, and encounters! They allow you to learn more about yourself and it’s one of the best ways to start afresh! The further you go and into a country that has nothing to do with your own, the more the experience will be rich in discoveries and emotions! Two feelings that will make it easier for you to smile again!

2) New activity

By embarking on a new activity, you will dedicate all of your attention to the present moment and therefore you will think a lot less about your ex! A break of 1 hour per week to devote your attention to activity can prove to be very beneficial for you and your personal development! It will also allow you to forge your identity and make it stronger, to have more dynamism because you are embarking on a new project, and who knows, maybe it will make you meet a new person who will make you beat. your heart again!

3) discover new things

Go to exhibitions, museums, watch movies or series on Netflix, read new books, start a new cultural or sports activity or participate in conferences, parties, and seminars! Discover things that you are not used to seeing in your life! It could be an exhibition on a photographer you don’t know, a design exhibition to give you some ideas to redesign your interior or an exhibition on a filmmaker you adore!

At the end of the day, you will have the joy of having done something different, of having learned and discovered something new, and of having stepped out of your comfort zone! Sometimes, we can go on outings that we could very well have done as a couple (exhibition on a subject that fascinated your ex for example). This can happen in particular, if your ex had a personality and an identity so strong that it eclipsed yours a bit. If it can help you at first, why not, but avoid indulging in it… It is important that you find YOUR identity and that you do things that you like and that really define you!

4) make your dreams come true

Realizing your dreams brings great satisfaction and great well-being! You see yourself evolving, growing, and taking care of your dearest dreams!

It could be: going back in the footsteps of one of his parents if he lived abroad, meeting his favorite actor, going to visit this coveted country, taking courage in both hands and doing everything possible to achieve the dream job, go to a movie premiere, visit the studios of our favorite movie, write a book, get into the sport of trampoline, adopt a cat, find the house of your dreams, take action to a cause in an association, diving, working to rescue marine mammals every week (orcas, sharks, dolphins, turtles, fish, etc.), etc.

5) do some tidying up

Put in a crate all the objects reminiscent of your ex or your former relationshipnear or far, and store it in a place that will be out of your sight! Change the furniture, duvet covers, and reorganize your decor! It doesn’t take much to change the layout and appearance of your home! It is known that to have positive and organized thoughts you first need a tidy and tidy house! “Order his house to put his mind in order”. It will do you good and you will leave on the right foot and with new ideas!

6) be close to people who do us good

After a breakup, it can be comforting, necessary, and restorative to be with your loved ones! Join your family and friends and hang out with them! Knowing you by heart, they will be the best to comfort you and to listen to you. Do special things with them like a girl’s day at the spa, or a great show with your parents! You can also find solace in your pets who will fight hard to make you smile (on the one hand with all the nonsense they do it’s hard not to laugh: p)! You can also prefer a privileged listening to make you go up the slope faster, to know yourself better and to improve more quickly with a psychologist or a coach. !

7) take the time to find out who you really are

It is important to take time for yourself after a breakup, and especially more if you are afraid of being alone. Get self-help books, watch coaching videos, try your hand at meditation, and take the time to get to know yourself better. Getting to know yourself better, what does that mean? It starts by questioning yourself and accepting your share of responsibility for the breakup. Then, by learning the psychology and behavior of human beings, you will discover more about your personality (take the MBTI test on the Internet), about your injuries that make you who you are (read the book “The 5 injuries that prevent to be yourself ”by Lise Bourbeau), and on your high values ​​(tests on the internet to discover its values ).

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