How to get over a painful breakup

Breaking up is arguably one of the least pleasurable and painful things that can happen in the life of any human being. But each break is the opportunity to start from scratch, on a new footing, and to experience many other great stories! No one deserves to suffer because of a breakup, which is why today Parler D’Amour gives you some advice on how to overcome a painful breakup:

1 / take the time to cry

There is a time for everything! And crying is part of it… So don’t refrain from crying all the tears in your body, it will do you a lot of good! Above all, don’t stop yourself from doing it just because your ex doesn’t deserve you to shed a tear or whatever else!

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2 / take care of yourself

Cocoon yourself !! After the tears comes the time to take care of yourself. Choose to sink into the clichés of the Häagen-Dazs on the sofa, or go shopping, go to a spa, prepare your favorite dish, etc … In short, whatever you choose, the main thing is that you do good!

3 / Speak, express yourself!

Don’t keep all of your sadness, your anger, your resentment to yourself. Do not bury all these emotions, express them, externalize them! Otherwise, you will gradually build up the pressure … Until you explode, and there, it will cause damage! Make a phone call or drop in directly to your friends and family and talk about it. And you have every right to cry! Just emptying your bag will give you a lot of relief, simple as it sounds.

4 / Choose to see the glass half full

You are single now, that is a fact. Yes, it can be a hard reality to accept, but being single is nothing to be ashamed of, and has so many great sides! You are now free to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, without having to be accountable! So take advantage of your new status and enjoy life to the fullest!

5 / Go for a hike

Somewhat atypical advice, and yet it works brilliantly! For having experienced it me, as well as 3 of my friends. Whether you are going alone or with others, whether you are going on a real hike lasting several days, or a little afternoon getaway, you must give it a try! Choose a nice corner, if possible in the middle of nature (forest, mountain, countryside) far from everything. Prepare your excursions carefully, and enjoy! When you walk, you will gradually forget everything that weighs you down, while doing you good and allowing you to enjoy a nice panorama and very fresh air!

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