How to fill the feeling of emptiness after a breakup?

It is not always easy to fill the void after a breakup. This is why today, Tony, from the site, gives you his advice.

How to fill the feeling of emptiness after a breakup?

When we suffer a breakup, we do not only lose a being that we still love, we also lose a whole universe that we had built day after day alongside this person. To see this universe collapse overnight is additional suffering on top of the rupture: a void settles in our life and we fill it most of the time in the wrong way in the hope of quickly recovering our joy of living.

Thanks to this article, you will better understand where this particular feeling of emptiness comes from, why you feel it, but also how to avoid filling it in the wrong way.

What is this special feeling of emptiness after a breakup?

The feeling of emptiness is characterized by boredom, a form of alienation, and apathy. In the case of a romantic breakup, this feeling originates from an emotional disturbance linked to romantic depression or loneliness caused by the sudden absence of the loved one.

If you feel a sense of emptiness after your breakup, it is not only due to the absence of your ex, it is also due to several other elements: your identity which was gradually forged by being influenced by your ex, your social circle which has gradually merged with your ex’s social circle, but also your habits which have gradually adapted according to your ex.

This feeling of loneliness can be like a huge puzzle representing all aspects of your life:

The more time you’ve spent with your ex, the bigger this puzzle will grow. From the moment your ex leaves you, it’s like suddenly missing more than half the pieces of this puzzle. You will then feel a strong desire to fill this puzzle again, by first wanting to win back your ex, then past this desire, by wanting to fill these pieces with other elements that can, unfortunately, be bad pieces for your health.

How to healthily fill this feeling of emptiness due to the rupture?

The feeling of emptiness felt includes a particular feeling which is the source of two major problems, and that is the feeling of apathy. This feeling, which is by definition the absence of emotions, can cause the affected person to start consuming substances toxic to their body such as alcohol or excess tobacco in the hope of feeling something again.

You can also feel the urge to fill this void and this feeling of apathy through what are called relationships-bandages which have the sole purpose of replacing your ex as quickly as possible with another person but only for a short time. duration.

These two ways of filling a void caused by a breakup are extremely bad and will result in more and more suffering each time.

The best way to healthily fill this void is by rebuilding your identity.

Give yourself a whole weekend to redefine your values, your tastes, your ambitions in life. What are the things that you have sacrificed in your life to make this relationship work? Have you left some or all of your surroundings during your romantic relationship?

As we move forward in a relationship, we forget an essential element: being in a relationship should only be seen as a bonus in our life, it should in no case be the most important part of our life and our identity. . The more space your relationship takes in your life, the more you will feel a sense of emptiness after a breakup.

This is why it is important to recharge your batteries once in a while when you are in a relationship to make sure that your identity is not altered in the wrong way by your partner.

In conclusion

The second problem linked to the feeling of apathy is romantic depression: I, therefore, advise you to be very careful if you feel that a depression sets in over time, it is often an entry ticket. towards depression.

The last item, give yourself time to digest the breakup. To resume the allegory of the puzzle, you need to go find your new pieces and then think about where you should place them: if you are working for your love healing and you are not just letting time do things. , have confidence and be patient. You will heal faster than you think.

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