How to comfort a friend after a breakup?

Who has not known at least once in their life the wound of a romantic breakup? When it falls on us, we have the feeling that our world is falling apart around us and that we will never get better. The prism of our reality is distorted by grief. So we can quite put ourselves in the place of a close friend going through this ordeal. And besides, friends are often precious allies, one of the best supports to get through a romantic breakup, to mourn your old relationship, and thus go up the slope. How to comfort a friend after a breakup? What should you say to help a friend in such a situation? How not do worse than better by using the right words? Here are a few tips.

How to comfort a friend after a breakup?

The important thing when a friend goes through a separation is to be there for her. To support her, comfort her, console her, listen to her and advise her if she asks for it. The comfort comes a lot through the simple presence and through the words. Messages to take news, calls, and times spent with her. It is important to help his grieving, being patient over time passes through the various steps involved in the mourning lover.

But it is also important to change her mind so that she does not sink into endless gloom. If it is not a question of introducing her to the first comer at the end of a week or of dragging her by force to a nightclub so that she drowns her grief in alcohol, favoring moments of relaxation with friends is not can that do him good? His sadness is legitimate and his desire for solitude too, so you should not be too insistent or intrusive too quickly.

To be the friend who comforts, consoles listens

Give her time to cry all her drunk, she needs it. Be the friend who comforts, listens, and comforts. Then the friend changes ideas, motivates, stimulates, restores confidence, and sometimes upsets a little. Do all of this at the same time, but without rushing. Everything in its time.

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The first step is therefore that of moral and emotional comfort and that indeed passes through your simple benevolent presence. To help you find the right words to comfort her in the first days after her break-up, here are a few sentences and their explanations to guide you.

Phrases to say to comfort a friend after a breakup 

“You have the right to be sad”

You can simply tell him “You have the right to be sad, it’s normal”. Indeed, some people feel ashamed to express their sadness, to cry for someone who may not have been worth it. Make him understand that no, on the contrary. Accepting your sadness and expressing it out loud is one of the essential steps in overcoming your grief.

So listen to him and show him that his feelings are entirely legitimate. However, avoid the famous cartoonish “one lost, ten found” because she will have the impression that her relationship was worthless and therefore that her sadness is not legitimate.

“You will be better off without him”

She probably won’t believe you at first, and that will be perfectly normal. So tell him but bring proof. Explain to her why she will be better off without him and also the opportunities she will have by being single. Concretely, be optimistic and over time it will come to be too. Avoid phrases like “you’ll find someone else,” though, as that would be judgmental of her old relationship, and she doesn’t need to hear that.

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Also avoid “you can have whatever you want” because at the moment that is not the goal. The important thing is to console her and make her understand that she will be happy without him.

“You will be better”

The goal is to make her understand that one day she will be better, that her pain will subside and that the pain she feels will no longer be so strong. Because we always recover from heartache, even if we think it is impossible when it falls on us. By showing her that her grief will not last forever, you will help her come to terms with this breakup.

Of course, do not hide from her that before arriving there she will go through several phases and that some will not be easy to live with. Just avoid overwhelming her ex with blame and flaws because even if this is true, your friend might blame you and that’s not what she needs to hear right now.

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Other phrases to say to comfort a friend after a breakup 

 ” I will always be there for you “

With these few words, you show her and prove that you are there for her and that she can always count on you. Not feeling alone in these difficult times is very important. She will feel loved and supported and that will do her a lot of good because of this breakup she must feel unloved.

Also, tell her that you need her and that she is essential in your life. You will restore her confidence with these sentences and therefore give her a smile so that she finds her joie de vivre. And so she will not sink too far into solitude or cultivate a feeling of too marked abandonment.

“He doesn’t know how lucky he was”

Of course, we try to avoid criticizing or listing the faults of our ex because it is useless and it is not constructive. On the other hand, what will help your friend is to make her understand that he has lost a lot because she is a beautiful person. Give her confidence again by telling her that she deserves someone who will know how to appreciate her for her true worth, even if of course she is not perfect.

As you go along, try to explain to him also that this relationship has brought him something and that in the negative there is always positive. By making her see this break-up as a difficult experience but from which she will emerge stronger, you give her confidence in herself and in the future. This painful experience will make her grow once the grief has passed and she will learn the lessons necessary to move forward.

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