How long does it take for your ex to stop thinking about you? (Study)

Have you just been dumped, and inevitably, you feel a little miserable? If that can console you, know that, contrary to what you might think, this breakup will also mark your ex in the long term! So, after how long does your ex stop thinking about you? We tell you all that right now!

All concerned …

Whether it is you or him/her, who has decided to end your relationship, already know that neither of you will be spared by your post-relationship grief… Because even if you have broken up for good reasons because things weren’t working out between the two of you… Be sure that you will regret the good times and the good things that you shared together. It is a recurring phenomenon that accompanies any end of a relationship:

We end up not remembering the good times. A feeling of lack, of emptiness, is very frequently felt in this kind of situation, and this is quite normal! But that sort of thing is bound to happen eventually, even if you have to give yourself some time for it. But how long suddenly so that you do not think about him anymore, nor him of you?

… It’s proven!

The proof? A  Journal of College Student Psychotherapy study of over 1400 college students, ages 18-25! This showed that over 70% of participants took 11 weeks to turn the page and stop thinking about their ex … And the best part is that this figure includes both situations! The deadline is valid on both sides! On the side of the one who undergoes the rupture, and of the one who initiated it! The ultimate proof that a breakup still hurts everyone, without discrimination …

So if that’s any comfort to you, tell yourself that it will also take approximately 11 painful weeks for your ex to forget about you! And just that, that should make you feel a little better already, right? 😉So we raise our heads, we assume our new status of single and we show everyone that we are able to move forward and that we do not need to be in a relationship to be happy. ) !!

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