Getting quit: why it’s the best thing that can happen to you

The damage is done, your romantic relationship is now over.

But is it really bad?

When we experience a breakup, we all sink more or less deeply into a long questioning. We feel lonely, we think our life is over, that we have to start all over again, and most importantly, we think that we will never be able to find someone as good as our ex.

Sometimes we also say to ourselves that it is our fault that this breakup took place because we did not feel enough up to our ex: a lack of self-confidence sets in little by little.

It is only after having overcome this ordeal that we realize several beneficial things which only took place thanks, precisely, to this break in love.

However, we tend not to see these things that are so beneficial when we are in the middle of a breakup, we only focus on our pain so that is why I am going to break them down to you right now!

Here’s why your breakup is the best thing that could have happened to you:

1. It will prevent you from living with someone who no longer loves you.

There is nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t appreciate your presence. It lowers your self-esteem and destroys your self-confidence, as you will start to doubt your actions, passions, and skills.

You are going to doubt what makes you unique because your ex has changed their definition of the perfect partner.

Replace the image of your ex with that of your best friend: she no longer wants to date you because she no longer appreciates the person you are. Would you still want this friend and change your behavior to make her happy?

Obviously not.

The main purpose of a relationship, whether friendly or romantic, is to maximize your happiness, not to decrease it, or worse, to be the sole source of it.

Your ex has given you a huge gift by leaving you, the gift of living a new relationship that is much more fulfilling for you, even if you don’t see it that way right now.

2. It will allow you to reconnect with yourself and do the big spring cleaning in your life.

It’s undeniable, after each romantic relationship, it’s like an entire season that has just unfolded.

Winter has just taken place (your breakup), now it’s time for spring (your reconstruction) and the big cleaning in your life before fully welcoming summer (your new relationship) and ensuring that the fall turns into a wonderful Indian summer!

So exit all the relationships and all the activities you no longer want, It’s time to dig deep into yourself and start developing new ones!

Dust off your bucket list! You now have more free time and living your lifestyle will only make you more attractive and attract wonderful and unexpected relationships to you.

3. Now you know why romantic relationships fail

After your breakup, but especially after you have completely healed from it, take a moment in your life to analyze this relationship that you have just experienced.

Take a step back and analyze what went wrong and why it didn’t work. Now you have the chance to find out what is wrong and you have the opportunity to understand and correct these mistakes for your future romantic relationship.

Whether it’s your first breakup or your tenth, the important thing to remember is that you always come out more experienced, always bigger, and always stronger.

And, above all, you take one more step towards THE relationship that will not stop.

You always get a little closer to that person with whom you are finally going to be able to look back and take a good breath, feel that feeling of relief in your chest and tell yourself that now you can be yourself, that this person. will love you as you are and that you can build something serious and lasting.

4. You will be stronger emotionally and you will have a lot more confidence in yourself.

Getting separated is very unsettling and a breakup can even be dangerous for your health because sometimes depression can occur, accompanied by its symptoms.

But once you take the final step of healing, you will be emotionally stronger and you will feel it deep within yourself.

Your self-confidence will increase tenfold because on the one hand, you will have succeeded in overcoming this ordeal: you, therefore, know yourself much better, but now your life is more than ever filled with things that you love to do!

You are surrounded by people who correspond to you and who love you for who you are: your new romantic relationship is bound to be hidden there!

In short, you are version 2.0 of yourself, thanks to this breakup.

To conclude…

Stop focusing on your ex but on yourself and avoid being melancholy as much as possible.

“No stone can be polished without friction, no man can perfect his experience without trial.” Confucius

Now think about the future and all the wonderful opportunities open to you!

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