An app that mends your broken heart

Have you just broken up with your sweetheart, whom you will now call your ex? You are going to go through a difficult phase of mourning your relationship … Because even if all was not rosy, you had someone in your life, but today your paths have taken different directions. How to help support this empty phase so as not to sink into depression, or suffer from the blues? This is where Mend comes in: the app that mends your broken heart!

Negative points

First of all, I’ll start by citing the three main flaws of this application so as not to give false hope to some: Mend is only available on the Apple Store … Sorry for the Android community! American, this application is also only available in English! We can only hope to see a French version coming out soon … Finally free, it does however offer transactions inherent to the applications, to access more extensive coaching programs. But its basic version is still sufficiently complete.

Good points

Because there are still many positive points to this application with a frankly laudable concept! Just like a basic coaching applicationthe application offers you a tailor-made program lasting one month to succeed in turning the page as well as possible.

To do this, you must first have the courage to fill out a questionnaire detailing your breakup. The date of your break-up, your current state of mind, your state of health, the duration of your relationship, etc … Perhaps plans some handkerchiefs! (Because yes, your application, unfortunately, does not yet provide Kleenex).

You will quickly find that you will be accompanied by a voice throughout your therapy. It is that of the creator of the application: Ellen Huerta! But what does his post-rupture treatment program consist of? Well, in a series of sports exercises, detox activities, advice for better sleep, audio advice, writing workshops to express your feelings of the moment, etc … In short, the total to get out of a nasty romantic impasse! You will also avoid sending desperate texts to your ex at 3 am hoping to find the romance of the first days!

For men and women who have decided to take charge, but need a little helping hand, this app is the solution. Real post-breakup coach Mend is above all a real community app for all broken hearts around the world. Your little heart is broken and no one to confide in you? Now you know who to turn to!

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