All the things we don’t tell you about breakups

“One lost, ten found” “He wasn’t good enough for you” “You weren’t made to be together” “It wasn’t the right one / the good one ”… All these phrases that we hear ourselves repeat when we come out of a break-up… But, and whatever its context, a break-up is never easy. And if each break is different, they all have some similarities! This is why today Parler D’Amour gives you all these things that we do not tell you about breakups:

1 / love does not disappear in a snap

There is no switch to turn your feelings on and off at will, at least we haven’t found it yet! And even if your breakup was painful, your ex was a real jerk, often the feeling of love still persists for some time after the breakup. This is something natural, and you don’t have to blame yourself, over time it will subside and eventually go away! So be indulgent with yourself🙂

2 / Love and hate are sometimes very close

And so yes, it is possible for you to love and hate someone simultaneously, strange as it may seem … A breakup often leads to a period when a lot of feelings are jostling in your head! Which can be relatively disconcerting … But rest assured, it usually doesn’t last either!

3 / You will be forced to avoid certain music, certain films, certain books, certain places for a while

Indeed, these will remind you of too many good (and suddenly bad) memories, of you and your ex…. So a word of advice, avoid them during the period of your mourning breakup! Unless, like most people, you like to believe yourself in a movie. Stick to your window when it rains and cries a lot while remembering your ex-relationship melancholy … Which can do a lot of good!

4 / It’s good to empty your bag

And often necessary to do it… And not necessarily in the lace. If you certainly aren’t made to speak badly about your ex, sometimes confiding in your loved ones and spitting out all your bitterness can be a good catharsis! However, you should also know how to be above that. He / She is no longer worth your trouble for him/her.

5 / you will be seized with a pressing need to get back together with your ex

And if you tell yourself that this is a very strong possibility, you better surround yourself with your friends, family for a while so that you don’t be tempted to send the SMS, or the extra call, then you will eventually regret it. There’s a reason your story ended, and there’s a good chance that putting the cover back will just be a waste of time for both of you.

6 / You are ready to put yourself in painful situations

For example; ” we remain friends “. Which is often a very, very bad idea. Yes, it’s understandable and natural that you want to keep your ex in your life. But this should never be done to the detriment of one or the other. You will often do yourself more harm than good in this way.

7 / You will enter an intense stalk phase

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Insta… You will have to fight at every moment (and will often fail) not to spy on him/her and to see what he/she is doing, becoming, who he/she is dating, etc … The best solution very often? Delete it from all your networks! Or at least limit your access.


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