7 signs your ex has turned the page

He/she broke up and you find it hard to accept it. He has become your ex and just that little word horrifies you. Breakups are almost always difficult and often painful for the person who is going through the separation. We find ourselves in a state of loneliness and confusion, we ask ourselves a thousand questions. What happened? Why doesn’t he love me anymore? It hurts to see the one we love leaving us. All these reactions are normal, you have to allow yourself time to accept it, without pausing indefinitely. Indeed, it is important to realize that the relationship is over and that your ex will not come back to you. How? ‘Or’ What? By analyzing certain signs which prove that he/she has moved on, that he/she has turned the page as they say. It is not easy to analyze the behavior of others and even less to be objective when you are emotionally involved. To help you, here are 7 signs your ex has turned the page.

7 signs your ex has turned the page

1) He / she no longer answers you

You keep texting or calling him. For the moment, impossible to prevent yourself from doing so. Only here, he/she ignores your calls and does not respond to your messages. It is even quite possible that he/she blocked your number. Maybe he/she has even removed you from social media. This proves that he/she no longer wishes to communicate with you in any way. Know that this is unfortunately a sign that does not deceive and that it is time for you to accept the end of your story.

2) He/she tells you to move on

Of course, he/she does not refuse to answer you, he/she does not cut off all communication. Only what he/she tells you is to move on, to continue without him/her. This shows that he/she surely does not dare to be really direct because despite your breakup he/she respects you and does not wish to hurt you. Only the facts are there… When your ex tells you to move on, it is because he/she does not want to see you again and relaunch your story and that he/she is perhaps even annoyed by your insistence. It is certainly not easy to hear, but continuing to hope is useless if your story is over for him/her.

3) He / she blames him / her

He/she tells you “it’s not your fault, it’s me”, “you can’t help it”. If he/she uses these kinds of break-up phrases it is because he/she is sending you the message that it is useless to insist. Of course, he/she tells you that you are not the cause of your breakup and that perhaps reassures you but what you have to understand through these sentences is that for him/her it is useless to try to work things out, you won’t be able to.

He/she makes you understand that it comes from him/her and therefore there is no way to relaunch your story because he/she does not want it. For him/her it is his / her way of cutting off any relationship with you. Accept it as it is and move forward on your own.

Other signs that your ex has turned the page

4) He/she loses interest in you

If he/she does not answer your calls or messages and that in addition he/she refuses any offer to see you, it is because he/she is creating distance between you. He/she makes you understand that he/she is losing interest in you and that he/she no longer pays you attention. If you run into him/her by chance and you feel embarrassed or disturbed to be in front of you, that you have the impression that he/she is trying to avoid you, it is also a sign that he/she is uninterested in you. Do not insist because you risk pointing him/her and he/she becomes unpleasant which will not help you to turn the page on your side.

5) He/she wants their things back: One of the signs that your ex has turned the page

You get a message from him/her, you hope for a positive message by opening it. But unfortunately, his message concerns only his personal affairs. He/she only wants to get back what he/she left with you during your relationship. It’s a sign that he/she doesn’t want to build anything with you anymore, that your story is behind him/her, that he/she wants to move on fairly quickly. This is obviously bad because it is final but it’s also a way to help you move onStanding in front of your things for hours won’t help you move forward.

6) He/she has someone else in his / her life

You found out, he/she has someone else in his / her life. We tend to say that some people get back together quickly to move on quickly. Some people talk about a dressing relationship when they talk about this kind of situation. Maybe, but maybe not. So don’t kid yourself, if he/she is already with someone else, it’s because your story is definitely over.

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Whether it’s serious or not, it doesn’t matter, he / she broke up, it was he / she who left you, you must not forget that. He/she doesn’t need another man/woman to forget you, he/she just moves on. It is surely the most brutal way but it is also the most explicit to make you understand that it is over between you and that there is no longer any hope of relaunching your story. Now you have to accept it and move on without him/her.

One of the main signs that your ex has turned the page

7) He/she left you some time ago

Your breakup does not date from yesterday. Time flies, days and weeks go by, and sometimes it even turns into months of unnecessary waiting and hope. Useless because nothing is moving, he/she does not come back but you have taken a break since leaving. However, it’s been a while since your ex left you. We must face the facts, he (she) will not come back.

This is a sign, once again, that for him (her), you two, this is ancient history and that no turning back is possible. He (she) continues his life without you, he (she) goes out, sees his / her friends, and maybe even has someone else in his / her life. Today it is up to you to accept things and to make up your mind. Your story is over. Accepting him/her is the best way for you to move on and move on with your life without him/her.

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