15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup

Did he or she just break up? Right now, the only thing you tell yourself is that you are never going to get over it and that you did not deserve such suffering. Of course, no one wants to feel this pain of emptiness, as if our hearts had been ripped out. You lose self-confidence, that’s normal. Time to cry is necessary, but it is only a stage of mourning in love. After the tears, morale returns and we take control of our lives. These negative thoughts don’t last. And for that, here are the 15 reasons to find a positive spirit and especially to keep it. At first, you might just read this list. Then you will believe it, regain your morale and take action. Here are 15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup.

15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup: your life doesn’t depend on the one who just left you

Let’s put things in their place, you are unhappy and this is understandable but we must not lose sight of two essential things. First, life is a gift, no matter what. Second, your worth doesn’t depend on how much you love that person or the relationship you had. It’s probably still too early to hear it and admit it, but life is good and you still have lots of great things to experience.

1. You are alive and in good health, that’s the main thing so you have to put it into perspective. Besides, if you doubt your luck to be alive, I invite you to read a letter that a young 27-year-old woman wrote the day before her death … A real lesson in humanity and life!

2. The world does not stop turning: you are important, useful to others, you have things to do, to think about, to manage, we need you.

3. Your worth is not dependent on someone else. You are not less well, less interesting, less attractive because he or she has left you.

4. Your family and friends are hearing from you. They are there for you.

15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup: think of yourself first

This is your new credo now. You have to think about yourself and learn to love yourself. So at the beginning, you may be a little confused, lost, you will feel a kind of floating, like a void. But this feeling is fleeting. You are a full person with your individuality. Don’t just define yourself as a couple. You are an entity, a human being who interacts with others. Thinking of yourself, taking care of yourself, you will go up the slope and want changes. To take control of your life

5. You will learn to truly love yourself again. Totally.

6. Fancy some changes? A new haircut, a move? Get started!

7. An evening is looming? It’s up to you to make yourself irresistible and let go.

8. You will be able to devote your free time to a large-scale project that has been set aside, which is important to you and which will flourish you.

15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup: the pleasure of being single

And yes, celibacy has good things and it’s full of small pleasures that you will rediscover the time to be ready to open your heart again. Take time for yourself, rediscover your environment, enjoy celibacy and its good sides without feeling guilty for the time required. The time it takes for you to be ready to meet someone, to trust again, to fall in love again. In the meantime, enjoy the little pleasures of single life with humor. These little things seem harmless but will help you go up the slope, to regain your morale.

9. You will be able to bring out your so comfortable pillow pajamas in winter!

10. A weekend with friends or with friends? No more excuses, you are available!

11. The bed is only for you, you can sleep across it and take the whole duvet.

12. You will be able to calmly watch all the romantic films while crying without being ashamed, or all the Marvel films while taking yourself for a superhero.

15 reasons to stay positive despite a breakup: make way for love again

First, fire or throw away your ex’s things. He or she has made the choice to leave you, but it is you who will make the choice to get up. He or she was an added value to your life, that’s a fact. But, it is not your life, here is the truth. Because your life is you who decide it, build it and lead it. You have every reason in the world to be happy again. Open your eyes to others and the world around you. Beautiful surprises await you, that’s for sure.

13. It’s nice to receive a compliment from a stranger, you will be able to smile back at young men or women in the street.

14. You’ve got rid of someone who didn’t love you properly. Make way for the one who will truly love you.

15. Someday you will feel the little butterflies in your stomach again which will prove that your heart is healed and that you are ready for a new relationship.

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