10 phrases to comfort someone who has just broken up

Almost every one of us goes through, at some point in our life, the painful, difficult ordeal that is the breakup of love. No one wants to experience separation, but it is often inherent in love. To love is in fact to accept the risk of sufferingAnd it is obviously most of the time complicated to overcome. We do not wish this on anyone, much less on one of his relatives. When this happens to one of them, we often feel helpless in the face of his sadness, his grief. We want to help him, be present, do everything so that he or she overcomes this injury, but it is not always easy to find the right words. To help you, avoid clumsiness, even if your presence is what matters above all, here are 10 examples. 10 phrases to comfort someone who has just broken up.

10 phrases to comfort someone who has just broken up

1) “  Don’t apologize for being sad, you have the right, it’s normal. “

It sometimes happens that people who have left feel ashamed to show their sadness and express it, especially when it comes to a short story or a toxic partner. They have the feeling that their loved ones will judge them and not understand. They believe that they have no reason to be unhappy, that they have no right to be. This is obviously wrong! Accepting your sadness is an essential step in healing and moving forward.

Listen to him and show him that you understand him and that his pain is legitimate.

2) “  I promise you will be better off without him (or her). “

It is of course easy to say but not necessarily to do. So you have to prove that he or she will feel better without their ex. Take examples, try to make him or her smile by showing him the advantages of celibacy, in short, be optimistic. With a little patience, he or she will realize that there can indeed be positive things about being single.

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Just be careful not to go too far in the examples so that it doesn’t sound like a lack of compassion and empathy.

3) “  Soon you will feel better. And one day you’ll get better, really better. “

Try to dramatize things without minimizing his sadness. It is just a matter of showing him that his grief will not be eternal and that he or she will be better. Explain that he or she will obviously go through several phases inherent in loving mourning, that of sadness, perhaps anger before that of acceptance.

But with a little time, the blue sky will come back in his life and he or she will feel better.

4) “  Today you are bad but tomorrow you will be better. “

By this sentence you make him understand that you understand his suffering, that you find it legitimate but you also make him glimpse that it is not eternal and that soon he or she will feel better. We must give him hope and the desire to project himself into the future.

Give him some examples of activities or small things to do each day to make him smile and keep him going.

5) “  I’m sorry for you. “

This will surely sound trite to you, a simple ”  I’m sorry for you” will seem light enough to comfort your friend. Only sometimes it is not necessary to use long sentences to express compassion or support.

A simple sentence can show all the affection you have for that person and therefore all the sadness that you yourself feel when seeing him or her unhappy

5 other phrases to comfort someone who has just broken up

6) “  I really care about you, you are someone important to me. “

One of the phrases to comfort a person who has just broken up! With these words, you show her not only your support but also all the affection and the friendship that you feel for her or for him. Being left can cause a strong feeling of abandonment and a feeling of no longer being loved, of being unworthy of it.

So having a friend who, with these few words, shows the extent of his friendship will help him overcome this painful ordeal and will be able to comfort him or her.

7) ”  I wish I had the right words, but just know that I care about you .” “

Sometimes you can just admit that you can’t find the right words of comfort and that in the end, you don’t really know what to say. So to show your support anyway and prove that you are there, just tell him or her that you care. That you are by his side and that you are there at all times.

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Showing her how you feel will help her overcome her sadness and loneliness.

8) “  I can’t know how you are feeling, but know that I am here to help you the best that I can. “

You admit that you are not going through this difficult phase for him, but you still show him that you are there and that you are going to help him overcome his pain and sadness. We would all like, when one of our loved ones is ill, to take some of his misfortune and take it in his place. Unfortunately, this is not possible, so we try to help him in other ways.

Through attention or simply by his presence, we show him that he will not be let down.

9) “  Call me whenever you want, I’m always there for you. “

In the end, the most important thing is to show him or her that he or she is not alone in his sadness and in this difficult moment. You show him by these few words that you are present at all times and that he or she can call you at any time and count on you and your infinite support.

This will help him feel less alone and therefore will do him good and reduce his feeling of abandonment a little.

Phrases to comfort a person who has just broken up: the essential phrase

10) ”  Never forget who you really are inside!” ” 

This sentence could be one of the ones that will help your friend the best because you prove to him or her by these words that he or she existed before and independently of this love affair which ends badly. You also show him or her that he or she is quite capable of getting out of this bad patch thanks to his strength of character and his qualities. That she is a full person with her own individuality, her strength. That she is worthy to be loved again.

These phrases to comfort a person who has just broken up will allow you to restore their confidence in themselves and in the future, which will help them turn the page of this difficult story.

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