Blocking your ex on social networks: a new way to break up?

In the age of social networks, dating sites and instant messaging, the codes have changed when it comes to romantic relationships. Of meeting, of seduction but also of separation. Breakups also become digital, to the point that some people attach more importance to them than breaking up face to face. Many Anglicisms have invited themselves to name the current practices in matters of relations and the best known of them is ghosting.. What about the use of social networks? To break virtually, is it really to break? Blocking your ex on social networks, is this a new modus operandi to record or confirm a separation? A way to protect yourself, to completely cut off all bridges? Blocking your ex on social networks: a new way to break up? A quick overview of the 2.0 breakup.

Blocking your ex on social networks: a new way to break up?

At the time of virtual meetings, online love affairs, and declarations in SMS language, it is not surprising that the breakup is also becoming digital. The couple is made and undone in two realities: that of real-life and that of virtual life, accessible to all in a few clicks.

Social networks: a new showcase for love life

Thus, many people who separate choose to share it on their social networks. Updating their status from “in a relationship” to “single”, particularly on Facebook but also on Whatsapp, story or dedicated publication on Instagram or Snapchat … The virtual possibilities of keeping everyone in the know about their love life are increasing. year after year. For some, it is the right solution in order to announce it directly and at once to everyone around them. For others, their status is downright public.

And for many, it has even become today a way to formalize directly their break with the person concerned. For this, they decide to quickly block their ex on their social networks following the breakup.

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Respect for others at risk

For the most cowardly, the less courageous, the followers of ghosting, for example, this even constitutes the act of rupture. By removing virtual friendships and/or their “couple” status, and even blocking each other from all of their networks, many are choosing this roundabout way of validating a separation.

Forgotten about the face-to-face breakup, today many no longer take responsibility and choose to do things virtually, without qualms. The fact of blocking the other does not allow him to make contact and therefore to ask for explanations.

We can therefore see that the notion of respect is less and less present when it comes to leaving someone. This refers to ways of meeting (sites and applications, as well as social networks) but also to current modes of communication. Today everything is done through a screen, so it hardly seems to shock anyone to break up like this anymore!

Digital links have multiplied and couples use them, going so far as to endure them, thus complicating the breakup; as if we had to leave each other twice: actually and virtually or digitally. We attach much (too much ?!) importance to this virtual reality today.

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Blocking your ex on social networks: a necessity for the person left?

If it has become so important, it is because this virtuality has become central for most of us. And in the event of a breakup, the most vulnerable person who risks suffering from the situation is of course the person left. There is nothing more painful at the moment than heartache, so seeing it exposed for all to see is like double pain.

Whether your ex goes so far as to delete you or block you from their social networks, it drives the knife into the wound a little deeper. It is as if he was saying to everyone “for me, you no longer exist, you are virtually dead” . And when we know the importance given to this virtuality, we understand that this can complicate a break-up and cause a loss of a good part of self-esteem …

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Block your ex to protect himself

In this case, blocking your ex on social networks can be lifesaving for the person left. It’s up to her to make this decision first before being suppressed or blocked by her ex. It may seem childish, but it is an act of resistance that allows you to stay in control, not to feel humiliated or devalued. The ego is sometimes necessary to manage a painful situation …

This need to tame the new post-breakup codes is more and more entrenched, in parallel with the housework to be done in his real-life after a separation. Just as you are going to give him back his things, delete his text messages and no longer contact him, this cleaning is also to be done in the virtual sphere.

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Breaking in the age of social networks: Cutting virtual bridges

Indeed, despite a formalized breakup, doing virtually nothing is equivalent to continuing to see your ex’s life on your screen. His photos, his outings, his friends, and therefore potentially his new love life. It’s not the best way to get better, to avoid ruminating and turning the page on your story, is it?

In this age of immediacy and ease of getting information, everything about your ex will continue to be a part of your life if you don’t do anything. While this may be tempting for the first few days, you will quickly realize that it is an unhealthy bond that lasts and that it is not going to do you any good.

Connections outside of real life are numerous today and make it easier to reconnect, the difficulty of forgetting, and sometimes, often even, ambiguity. So many virtual ties that must be cut if you want to move forward without feeling like your ex is still part of your life.

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Digital detox for a total break

Total digital weaning is therefore necessary following a break-up so as not to leave the slightest possibility of a relapse. Cutting virtual bridges is just as important as cutting realities.

Putting an end to any ambiguous link that can make you suffer, to any temptation to spy on him or to contact him again are good reasons to delete and then block your ex on social networks. This allows you to calmly mourn your love loss.

If the deletion is not enough, because you have too many mutual friends allowing you to see certain things, and still the possibility of contacting them, the blocking can be the solution for your well-being. And sometimes even for your sanity! Indeed, who has never spent hours after a breakup trying to find out what their ex is doing, where, and with whom? A real work of espionage, which prevents the rupture from being really accepted and digested. A digital detox is therefore necessary for your ex to truly become your ex, in the real sense as in the virtual sense.

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Blocking your ex on social media: a cowardly and immature new way to break up

If blocking your ex on social networks to break up is akin to an act of supreme cowardice, this blocking may nevertheless be necessary post-breakup to allow the person left to mourn in love.

Unfortunately, in the 2.0 era in which we live, it is increasingly difficult for many to distinguish between reality and virtuality. And the sentimental domain is the first to suffer. New codes of communication, of seduction, of meeting, it is therefore not surprising that this also leads to a new way of breaking up. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t become a habit for everyone to leave someone with their phone as their only interlocutor to the detriment of their future ex in front of them. Already a breakup by phone or text message is immature, whereas what can be said to break up by completely erasing the other from his virtual world …

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