12 signs that it won’t come back and you need to move on

There it’s finished. While you were in a relationship, he decided to break up. It’s obviously hard to take and admit, especially if you still have feelings for him. During a separation, it is not uncommon that one of the two does not expect it and suffers from the decision of the other. And so it sometimes happens that hope sets in, we get into our heads that it may just be a break in his relationship, that he will change his mind, that we have to be patient. And yet, there are 12 signs that it won’t come back and you need to move on. Even if it is difficult, even if it is painful. But recognizing and accepting these 12 signs is essential to turning the page and allowing yourself to be happy again, even without him.

12 signs that it won’t come back and you need to move on

# 1 he cut off all contact

His radio silence is total, since he made the decision to leave you, he has cut off all contact. No more messages, no more calls, he no longer answers yours. This radical behavior leaves no doubt about his state of mind. If he never responds and doesn’t call back, no need to harass him with love texts to get him back or write him fiery love letters. His decision is made, and he won’t go back on it, he’s moved on.

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# 2 he changed his phone number

Worse than that, you try to reach him and realize that his phone number is no longer active. In fact, he changed his number and didn’t give you the new one. Behavior a little excessive or once again radical, but maybe he no longer supported your incessant messages or calls? Either way, whether it’s partly your fault or not, the message is clear: he has no intention of letting you get in touch with him.

# 3 He Blocked You On Social Media: One Of The Very Current Signs That He Is Not Coming Back And You Have To Move On

In the same logic as the two previous signs, he deleted or blocked you from his social media profiles. According to your generation, we know how important it is for many people to exist virtually. Also, if he has decided to delete you from his Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and company contacts, it is because he no longer wants you to have access to his daily life, which is his life and yours not. more interested. Another very concrete sign of his estrangement.

Signs he won’t be coming back # 4: he wants all of his stuff back

Maybe you were living together and when it broke up he only left with the essentials. If he contacts you again to let you know that he wants to get all his things back and agrees with you to share the things that you had bought together, then he has turned the page. He has found a new home, moved elsewhere, and no longer intends to leave any doubts. He wants the situation to be clear and done once and for all. By recovering all that belongs to him, he puts an end to your story.

# 5 he moved away from you

Another possible scenario that proves that you are no longer one of his priorities and are not in his plans for the future. He went hundreds of kilometers away, to another city, another region, maybe even another country. Thus, the advances in his life without you and his choice, personal or professional, leads him to move away from you. He did not consult you on this subject, he considers himself indeed single and free from all ties, to make decisions on his own about his future. And that it is done far from you does not seem to pose a problem to him …

# 6 He’s got someone else in his life: one of the obvious signs he’s not coming back!

While you may still be at the stage of hope, imagining a romantic reconquest scenario, he is already in a relationship with another. Certainly, in absolute terms, that does not necessarily mean that it is serious, he can very well be with this woman for fun since he is single. But if he shows up with her and you hear about serious plans between them as the weeks and months go by, stop waiting in vain. If he has to start a new life, it will be with her, not with you.

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Signs He Won’t Come Back # 7 He Frankly Told You He Won’t Come Back When He Breaks Up

On the day of your separation, he did not evade, did not seek excuses, did not leave a door open. His decision was thoughtful, clear, and crisp, he took responsibility for breaking up with you and he really did. He left no ambiguity, no “maybe”, no notion of break, none of that. He was straightforward and straightforward and while it hurts like hell, at least he was honest. No room for interpretation has been left and if you still hope, it is just because you cannot yet come to terms with reality. It will come, it must.

# 8 He has become totally indifferent to you

If you are still in contact, you have to face the facts: he is no longer the same as you. So maybe you’re still in touch because of work, mutual friends, or because you had kids together. As a result, keeping in touch is sometimes an obligation. But for all that, it does not go further for him. With you; at best he is polite and distant, at worst he has become cold and indifferent. Completely detached, this indifference, that is to say, the absence of both negative and positive emotions towards you is his new mode of operation. If he’s reached that emotional level with you, that’s one of the signs he’s not coming back, because thinking about you now makes him neither hot nor cold.

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# 9 He is no longer concerned with your life: one of the most painful signs that prove he will not come back

Worse than that, his indifference can turn into total disinterest depending on his character, the reasons for your separation, and the time you spent as a couple. You’ve been in a relationship with him for a while and you know him well, well enough to know that when he makes a decision, he sticks to it. Indeed, he is not the type to procrastinate, to regret, to go back, to doubt. If he made such a decision, it was most certainly thoughtful.

This mode of operation is a choice on his part, it assumes that he no longer owes you anything, that you have become two strangers, he no longer wants to know anything about your life. A death in your family, an illness concerning you, or another unfortunate event, is with absent subscribers. He does not feel concerned, no longer wants to be, and he no longer shows any compassion, benevolence, or solidarity towards you. For him, the break is total, you are no longer part of his life. It’s hard to take, it hurts, but you have no choice but to face the facts.

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# 10 He “friend zoned” you

A breakup can be caused by the fact that one of the two partners thinks that being friends is ultimately better than being in a relationship. You tried to be together but it didn’t work for him, he doesn’t have romantic feelings. He does not take you out of his life, but you were treated to the famous “what if we remained friends?” “ Because he loves you, but that’s all. What often happens is that you will have false hopes. So if the friendzone can be avoided at the beginning, and we can go from friends to couples, it is very rare to do the opposite, going from a couple to friends to become a couple again. You will waste your time hoping in vain. Afterward, if it’s too difficult for you to be her friend, distance yourself.

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# 11 He doesn’t react to your advances: one of the signs he’s not coming back!

You try everything for everything, you want to win it back and for that, you try to crack it by recreating an intimate bond between you. But he does not lend himself to the game, plays the indifferent, the one who does not understand or worse, pushes you away. He is not stupid, he knows you want to get him back and he refuses to indulge in this little game. He has moved on, and whatever the reasons (another woman, the wanting to stay single, lack desire or feelings for you), you are going to hurt yourself a lot by doing so. Your ego is going to take a hit, and you are going to lose your self-confidence. No, it’s no, don’t insist and move on.

# 12 He only calls you for physical sex

Conversely, he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you, but he does not refuse your advances, or worse, he calls you for that. But nothing more. Once the moment is over, he doesn’t behave like your boyfriend or mate again but like a mate or worse, he goes away. You are actually falling into a bogus relationship and he is laughing at you. Knowing that you are still in love with him, he takes advantage of it and manipulates you as he pleases. This is unhealthy behavior and deep down you know it. Don’t get caught up in that sort of thing, you won’t get it back through this, and you deserve better than a man who doesn’t consider you.

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