This year, dare the pastel color

Would you like to change your look? A new haircut or a new color? For many women the change of season gives way to physical renewal. To keep that feminine and confident side all year long, sometimes a new hair color is needed. It is not always easy to know which color suits best because there is what we like and there is what suits us. Note that this year, the trend is giving way to pastel color. We have prepared a list of tips for you to enlighten you.

Colorization and discoloration, choose the right color

Before you can proceed to your color it is important to know if you really want to dye your hair pastel color because bleaching and coloring are essential. As for fading, be aware that it is a necessary step if you want to lighten more than two tones. This process involves getting a chemical component inside the hair. Colorization is the step of applying color. Remember to always apply conditioner when treating yourself. With our beauty tips , you can more easily choose your color and compose your overall look. There are several pastel shades such asgreen that goes well with darker skin tones. Pink goes to everyone, for example. You can just as easily dare colors like gray, blue or even purple. Moreover, many hairstyling sites like Schwarzkopf will give you new color ideas.


How to color your hair yourself

Of course, it is always fun to be pampered when you are at the hairdresser. It will make you your color without you having to worry about anything. However, it is possible for you to be able to color your hair on your own by being aware of a few tips that will make your job easier.

The most essential factor is to respect the duration of the application of the products. Exceeding the given time can very quickly harm your hair. To successfully color pastel, you must first bleach your hair, we advise you to do a test on a wick if this is your first time. Then divide your hair into sections and apply your bleach. Then go to the coloring step, apply the mixture to your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it on for the duration indicated on your coloring kit and finally wash it off.

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