I tested hairdresser Mario Lopes for a balayage

It is not always easy, especially when you are blonde, to find a good hairdresser who will manage to make a natural balayage, not yellow, and without obvious demarcation. So I went to test the hairdresser ”  Mario Lopes  ” in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Mario Lopes received in 2006 and 2011 the Hairressing Awards trophy, absolute recognition of the quality of the brand in the field of hairdressing. So I had to make up my mind.

Mario Lopes: The living room

I arrive at 88 bis rue Mozart at noon and am very warmly greeted by a gentleman with a very delicious Italian accent who takes my coat and asks me if I want something to drink. Mario Lopes himself then arrives and sits me down to do my sweep. The whole team is very attentive, they even bring me a hot towel to wash my hands and a hand cream.

Mario Lopes explains to me that he is associated with his daughter who runs the second “Mario Lopes” salon in the 8th arrondissement of Paris (46 rue du Colisée). It is beautiful and touching to see the pride of this father who tells me about the feats of his daughter with the golden fingers, who could perhaps soon win a global hairdressing competition.

The 16th floor lounge is very spacious, the music is pleasant. In short, I am at the top.

It is therefore in a relaxed and warm atmosphere that I leave my hair in the hands of this expert.

Before / after transformation

It had been about six months since I last had a balayage and my hair was as flat as it was dull, the picture proof:

Not the joy! The problem is, most hairdressers I have tested use the same balayage technique, resulting in strands 5mm from the root, evenly. So, yes, when you get out of it, it’s good, but when it grows back, the demarcation is too visible and frankly not natural.

This is why Mario Lopes did not apply highlights to me evenly as you can see in the photo below. The goal is that the transition between the lighter strands and my natural color (ash blonde) is done as naturally as possible. (Yes, I even brought my little dog blanket).


After about 45 minutes of installation, I am invited to go to the bac. There, I was shampooed and then patina left on for 15 minutes. Patina is that cold, viscous product that corrects unwanted highlights from balayage and shines hair.

Then, another shampoo and a treatment (with a hair massage to die for)! I then went to the brushing done by Mario Lopes.

The result before / after:

I am really delighted with the result! But hair is shiny, blonde but natural!

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