How to tan quickly naturally?

How to tan quickly naturally?

With the return of sunny days, what could be better than having beautiful, nicely tanned skin? But be careful, while avoiding, and sunburns and tan lines are not really glamorous! So, how do you tan quickly naturally? Follow our advice to have and keep a beautiful tan until the start of the school year!

How does tanning work?

Tanning is a natural defense mechanism in reaction to excessive exposure to ultraviolet (or UV) radiation which can come either from natural sources (the sun at the beach) or from artificial sources (UV cabins). The skin adapts, produces melanin by the epidermis, responsible for the hauling of the complexion, and the appearance of freckles in some cases. However, overexposure to UV radiation, natural or artificial, can cause burns (sunburn), and promote skin cancer! It is therefore advisable to act prudently to tan. dermatologists advise against prolonged sunbathing and affirm that the use of sunscreen is, in all cases, essential.

Beware especially at the beach. With the wind, the temperature felt can be cool. You might therefore consider that it is not hot enough to protect yourself with the cream. This is a mistake because the sun is still beating hard on the skin (and I know what I’m talking about… I suffered from it for several days, and blessed Biafine!).

Another important thing to know: each skin type reacts differently to the sun. The amount of melanin produced by the epidermis depends on one individual to another. Everyone, therefore, has a different degree of tan. This explains why, for the same exposure time, your friend, your brother, your sister will have more tanned skin than you! What do you want, this is so😉

Prepare your skin correctly for tanning

Don’t skimp on sunscreen

It cannot be said enough, preparing the skin for a good, healthy tan is essential. Protecting your skin is essential, don’t skip this step! Even if you already consider yourself tanned enough to avoid sunburn, this is a mistake not to make. So don’t hesitate to invest in a high index sunscreen first, even if it means switching to a lower index once your skin is more tanned. Your cream should ideally be applied 20 minutes before exposure and must be renewed regularly if exposure persists.

Be careful if you are going to swim and your sunscreen is not waterproof: renew your protection well after each swim! If you are going to spend an extended stay in the sun, do two or three sessions of UV to prepare your skin as well as possible (yes I know we said “naturally but hey sometimes …: D).  However, avoid having recourse to UV throughout the year!

Adapt your diet

The production of melanin, which gives your skin that beautiful tanned complexion, is increased by beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A by the body. For optimal tan, so prefer the carotenoid and vitamin A. Is a diet based on fruits and summer vegetables, such as carrots, apricots, tomatoes, melons, peppers, spinach, etc .. peaches? And to best stimulate cell renewal, do not forget eggs, olive oil, fish, butter, cheese.

And to resist UV rays as well as possible, apply carrot oil to your skin a few weeks before your first sun exposure. This oil will have the effect of activating the synthesis of melanin in your skin.

Hydrate properly and regularly

For a good tan, it is essential that you hydrate properly. So drink water regularly throughout the day . And do not hesitate to have recourse to moisturizers that will better prepare the skin for its future exposure to the sun.

Make a natural scrub

An important step not to be overlooked for a quick and natural tan: the exfoliation! Once a week, exfoliate your skin to remove all the dead skin, thus stimulating cell renewal, and allowing you to have a nice tan that lasts.

Make your tan last over time

Continue to hydrate your skin properly

Your skin will be subject to many irritations. Between UV rays, the sea, the salt, and the sand, she will need to be soothed and hydrated! After exposure, have recourse every evening to moisturizing milk (or any other moisturizing cream and oil, even your carrot oil!) And repairing which can nourish your skin in depth.

Continue to eat your fruits and vegetables in the sun

Continue to consume the foods we mentioned earlier, which are just as helpful in keeping your tan lasting as they are in promoting it.

Continue to use gentle scrubs

Contrary to popular belief. Gentle skin scrubs once a week will not erase your tan, on the contrary, they will effectively remove all your dead cells, allowing you to effectively maintain your tan over time.

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