Divine Olive: 3 tips for soft skin

Divine Olive: 3 tips for soft skin

What could be more pleasant than a caress on a velvet skin? Than two hands as soft as satin that intertwine with love? Yes, but… every day our skin is weakened because it is exposed to pollution, UV rays, temperature changes… All these external factors greatly accelerate aging and skin dryness. So how can you have very soft skin, which products to use?

1 / Wash your hands with mild products

Too often we tend to buy the first hand soap that smells good. Yes it’s tempting but watch out what’s inside! The hands are our main tool in everyday life and we must take care of them. Choose the liquid soap from the Divine Olive range from the Jeanne en Provence brand. This soap will allow you to wash your hands daily without damaging them!

This brand respects ancestral know-how since this soap is made in the old-fashioned way under the responsibility of a Master soap maker. The soap is cooked in a cauldron, a traditional Marseille method. In addition, with 500 ml, we have plenty to do!


2 / Make scrubs and apply a hand cream

I therefore recommend that you first scrub (personally, I often use ground coffee). You can do it once a week, that’s enough. Then, once or twice a day, use the nourishing hand cream with organic olive oil Jeanne en Provence . With Sage extract to hydrate and olive bud extract to nourish the skin, your hands will smell wonderfully good and feel soft.

3 / Use a dry oil for your body, face and hair

Because it’s not just the hands that need to be pampered, we highly recommend Divine Olive Dry Oil ! Dry oil is very practical since it can be used on the body as well as on the face and on the hair! Every day apply this oil to moisturize and provide a veil of satin to your skin. You can also apply a small amount in your hand and apply it to the tips of your hair once it is dry.


Don’t wait any longer to take care of yourself, to be gentle and smell Provence! In addition, these products are at more than affordable prices (€ 5.90, € 3.50 and € 6.40). Discover all Divine Olive products  on the Jeanne en Provence website.

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