A magic cream, a real one!

A magic cream, a real one!

I tested the Infinite Potion of Argentum

I recently received the Infinite Potion from Argentum. And yes, I had the chance to meet Stéphanie Thierry, one of the founders of the brand who, in addition to being a creative genius, is a person full of energy and a natural sympathy like no other. see little! Short.

I couldn’t wait to receive this “  magic potion  ” because its price, 175 €, can be surprising for a cream. What was so extraordinary about her? Well, let me tell you, I was very, very, very surprised by the quality of this cream  ! I, who am very makeup, creams of all kinds, brush everything and anything on my face, I had never tested such a consistency in my life. I specify that this article is not sponsored at all, I do it because I was sincerely blown away!

The story of Argentum


Argentum was born from the experience of Joy Isaacs, founder of the brand, in southern Africa. Joy’s mother used products containing colloidal silver on burns, scars and other scrapes. In 2010, Joy underwent major surgery and once again felt the miraculous benefits of silver thanks to the special medical dressings impregnated with silver. This is how it all begins. With Stéphanie Thierry, they decide to create a brand of anti-aging creams composed of natural ingredients . During the long process of research and creation, they meet key people represented by the twelve archetypes.Each archetype embodies specific character traits in each human being. So when we receive the product, we receive a card with it.

The 12 archetypes are:

  • Creator
  • Wise
  • Magician
  • Caregiver
  • Everyman
  • Ruler
  • Jester
  • Innocent
  • Rebel
  • To explore
  • Hero
  • Lover

For my part, I received the “Rebel”: powerful and inventive, prepared to challenge and change the forces around us.


Use, composition and effects

Already, I would like to point out that the packaging is great and very hygienic. Indeed, the bottle is in violet glass with patented protection . It thus blocks the entire spectrum of light. The preservation is therefore intact and the shelf life and effectiveness of the cream, prolonged.

The use is very easy. I personally use it as a day cream . Before sending it to me, here is what Stéphanie told me « A little info about the cream before you use it… The way the infinite potion will hydrate your skin is very unique and the feel on the skin will be very different from any cream you have tried so far. now. During application, a tightening and firming effect is felt immediately. The skin is hydrated without shine with a feeling of extra softness and the complexion has a more even appearance. The cream does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the skin. You may have the impression that your skin pulls slightly and that it is not sufficiently hydrated but it is only an impression because the cream penetrates inside the intercellular spaces of the skin for an intense hydration, bringing there up to 10,000 its weight in water. The treatment can be used on the face, neck and around the eyes. 

First reaction: how is this possible? What is this crazy cream? Is it all true?


Well, yeah ! The first time you apply this cream, the effect is surprisingly immediate  : better glow, tightening effect, incredible softness of the skin and a delicious smell! The texture is milky and blends in perfectly with the skin which is instantly hydrated without being oily! The skin immediately looks velvety even before applying makeup and that is really amazing. It can be applied on the face, neck and even around the eyes, so you no longer need different products, the Infinite Potion does it all. We even have a small spatula offered with the product.

Ingredients :


99.5% of the ingredients of the Infinite Potion are of natural origin, so the composition is downright top!


I can only advise you this miraculous cream, for me it is a real magic potion, I had never seen it. To recap, it’s 175 euros per 70ml jar, and frankly even if it’s an investment, it’s worth it!

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