5 beauty recipes from grandmothers that really work

It is well known, all grandmothers have their own beauty secrets that they keep preciously! Based on ingredients frequently used in kitchens, some of these recipes may have made us raise an eyebrow with a circumspect air… Before finally realizing that yes, it’s quite silly but it works! But since not all grandma’s recipes are reliable, we have selected 5 grandma’s beauty recipes that really are! Now all you have to do is try them yourself!

1 / Add honey to your conditioner to soften the hair

Honey is a recurring ingredient in grandmother’s recipes, and for good reason! With its many enzymes, it is a natural moisturizer that makes all dry hair shudder! It, therefore, allows, mixed with a conditioner, to cleanse the scalp and prevent the appearance of dandruff.

2 / Use coconut oil to hydrate the body

A remedy validated by all dermatologists, you can be sure that it works 100%! It contains many fatty acids as well as vitamin E and K which will help soothe your eczema, reduce your itching and inflammation, and repair the hydrolipidic film, your natural protective barrier for the skin!

3 / Take care of your nails with olive oil

Apply this natural treatment regularly for better results: dab your nails regularly with a little olive oil, and see the result. Your nails and cuticles (which are located at the base of the nail, and which provide a protective role for the latter) will be stronger and less brittle. By moisturizing them, you will also allow your broken nails to be repaired more quickly… That’s all good!

4 / Have beautiful blonde highlights thanks to chamomile

Chamomile is a plant widely used worldwide in the culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic fields. And for good reason, it allows, among other things, to lighten your hair in a natural way, thus providing them with beautiful blonde highlights. Be careful, however, its repeated use may make your hair dull, so use only from time to time, and not on a daily basis!

5 / exfoliate your skin with sand

Everyone knows that sand is made up of small particles that come from the disintegration of other rocks. It is therefore ideal for ridding your skin of all its dead cells, and for not a penny! However, given its highly abrasive nature, it is best to avoid wearing out your sensitive skin. So use it exclusively for your foot scrubs, otherwise, you risk damaging your skin rather than taking care of it!

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