4 completely mind-blowing beauty trends

At the moment, I see “beauty trends” blooming on the web, to say the least surprising! Whether on Youtube or Instagram, we see things that are downright amazing or just plain funny. Finally, in any case, original, that’s the word!

1 / The famous black mask

For some time now, it has been seen absolutely everywhere! On Facebook, Youtube, Instagram… The Black Mask makes a lot of noise! His promise? Remove all the blackheads from the face in depth … Yes but apparently it does not remove that!

I watched a lot of videos of famous beauty youtubers and youtubers and frankly, I was in pain for them! When you see the excruciating pain they feel when removing the mask and the burns that remain on their face… I admit it’s scary! It looks like it completely strips the skin, certainly removing a few blackheads but also tearing all the down from the cheeks, mustache, forehead!

While some seem rather happy with the result, others seem very disappointed, seeing no or very few comedones on the mask… despite the pain felt during removal.

I understand that we want to test because it makes you dream of removing all our ugly blackheads … But at what cost? I prefer to wait for the long term result! Don’t want to have a beard haha.

2 / feather eyebrows

WTF? I don’t know if it’s me who is abnormal or if people have really funny ideas but then this one I did not expect:

The goal is therefore to make eyebrows in the form of feathers. For fashion photos why not, every day, no thank you!

3 / Multicolored armpits

Well, you will understand, the third “beauty trend” would be to color the hair in the armpits … I no longer understand the world in which I live haha. When will you see dreadlocks with bikini hairs?

4 / Hair removal of down from the cheeks

I understand, when you are brunette, that the down is seen a lot, especially for the mustache, that you want to wax. But ALL women have facial fluff! On the cheeks, the forehead, above the lips… And we don’t look like Chewbacca for all that!

I see this new “Epicare” tool all over the web to remove this facial hair. I also see women who shave or wax and thread.

CAUTION: ok, it surely leaves the skin perfect and very soft instantly. But it can also make you appear red, pimples, and even, although some say the opposite, the hairs can grow back in a more abundant and thicker way (a friend tested and she regretted it because of it, despite the good advice from his beautician…).

In short, if you are tired of your down that you find too large, then opt for bleaching, a much gentler method than everything else!

And you, these four trends, what do you think?

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