3 techniques to keep skin young and hydrated

Keeping young, hydrated skin is a bit of a dream for every human being (men and women included!). The concern is that many times people wait until they see real wrinkles appear before they start to worry about their skin. Yet, as the saying goes: prevention is better than cure! So for you, we have identified 3 techniques to keep skin young and hydrated.

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3 techniques to keep skin young and hydrated

1 / Food

Yes, this is not a scoop and yet … Many, many of us completely ignore our diet and end up spending thousands of dollars on injections while paying a little attention to what we eat. ‘there is on our plate, our skin would thank us more!

So, to keep skin young and hydrated, our skin must benefit from supplies of vitamin C, beta-carotene, omega 3, and zinc. So choose kiwis, carrots, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, salmon, avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, walnuts… Also, bet on algae which will be your allies to keep young skin! And of course, drink water, a minimum of 1.5L per day! Because there is nothing better than good hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2 / Hyaluronic acid capsules to keep skin young and hydrated

Many know Hyaluronic Acid just like Botox. We know that we can be injected, but few know that we can also use hyaluronic acid in the form of capsules and as a food supplement.

You should know that our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid but, as we get older, this production decreases and thus causes the appearance of our dear wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, therefore, helps regulate the hydration of our skin and replenishes its cells. And, since it decreases with age, it can be used in different ways:

  • In injection
  • In cosmetic products
  • In capsules

Hyaluronic acid capsules

This is the most recent method and certainly the one that offers the most benefits. By consuming it orally, it allows a contribution from the inside, suddenly, it offers an effect on the whole body and not only on the face. Like a cure, taking hyaluronic acid capsules is done daily and proves its effectiveness over time.

3 / Stop smoking, alcohol, and the sun

Do you want to cry while reading this title? I understand you too! At the same time, I’m sure you won’t learn it today!

The cigarette

The cigarette decreasing oxygen as well as the nutrients which give radiance to your skin, hello gray and dry mine! Smoking accepts to lose your collagen and get stuck with dehydrated skin. I know, however, how difficult it is to quit smoking! After having been a heavy smoker (20 to 30 cigarettes a day), it has been 3 years since I quit and I can assure you that my skin is like new!

The alcohol

Like cigarettes, alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes it to lose its elasticity. Not to mention that when we drink too regularly, our complexion becomes waxy and frankly not Jojo! So a drink from time to time, yes! 3 glasses a day no!

The sun

Unfortunately for us, the sun is arguably our skin’s worst enemy! It accelerates skin aging because of its UV rays and very often causes the appearance of brown spots and fine lines. So, if like me, you can’t help but get a tan because you like to have tanned skin too much, don’t forget to choose a good sun protection cream! And choose your hours to tan quickly naturally (in the morning or from 4 p.m.).

It’s up to you to decide what you prefer, between having pretty caramel-colored skin for two weeks, or keeping skin young and hydrating for as many years as possible! (And then there are the self-tanners to help you!).

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