Wedding vows: the 6 most beautiful models to write your vows

Wedding vows: the 6 most beautiful models to write your vows

The ideal speech

There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

It is not always easy to write your wedding vows. Sometimes we have so much love, so much to say, that we don’t know where to start. I therefore offer you the 6 most beautiful models to write your wedding vows and inspire you.

The 6 most beautiful wedding vows templates:

Here are 6 wedding vows models: Original, moving, romantic, modern, after a life together or even wedding vows that everyone will remember and that will hit the mark! I invite you to be inspired by one or more models to write the wedding vows of your dreams!

1 / Romantic wedding vows

(First name), my love,

I could have been satisfied with the official  “yes I want it”  to prove to you the love  I have for you and the commitment  that I make by your side today. But you know me and you know it’s not my type to stay in a frozen box. It’s not that I like to think outside the box, it’s just that  the feelings I’ve had for you for years  are worth so much more than just a formal yes, spoken quickly.

Because at your side, I rediscovered the flavors of love, the happiness of sharing your daily life with the person who corresponds to us. Being with you means laughing, dreaming, surprising yourself, vibrating, having fun, building, creating, traveling, listening to yourself, kissing, supporting yourself, cuddling, comforting yourself, loving yourself.

You came into my life three years ago and I will always remember our meeting.

2 / Marriage vows after living together:

My love,

Words fail me today to define the immense emotion that overwhelms me. I look at you, wonderful in your dress and in your smile that you wear so well. I am so moved to become your husband, and that you will become my wife.

Eight years of love. From this love was born our little blonde, our treasure. And today, we are making it all happen by getting married. I had not imagined that it would give me so many emotions. Rather cold in nature (as you tell me sometimes), it’s true that I contain a lot. But today, I want to explode. Explode with joy in the face of all the love that you have offered me for all these years, in the face of the love that I continue and will continue to bear for you forever.

You were my evidence (first name). You and me, it had to be written somewhere, it couldn’t be otherwise. I am convinced that some people are made to be together. We are living proof of that.

Yes, we’ve been through storms, climbed mountains. And we certainly still have a few storms to overcome but our relationship is solid and with you, I know that nothing is impossible. We support each other from the start and we will support until the end. 

3 / Original wedding vows:

6 years. 2190 days. 52560 hours. This is the time we have spent together until today. And yet I have the impression that it was yesterday. I close my eyes and I see you again, hesitating, come and talk to me with your charming smile. I see myself, trembling with joy at the thought of pleasing you. Because if many think that  love at first sight  only exists in  love movies  or romance novels, I can assure you, having lived it, that if love at first sight does exist. well. Suspended time, this moment out of time, this invisible magic, this electric thrill that runs through us from the toes to the back of our necks… I have lived it thanks to you my love.

And since then, my love for you has never stopped growing.

I would like to thank you for being the man that you are. Thank you for loving me so much and making me laugh so much. Every day, it’s like I fall in love with you again. I love you all the time and for everything: for your beautiful eyes, for your bad jokes, for your sensitivity and your kindness. I love you because I admire you, find you brilliant and at the same time, caring and sometimes even romantic! And above all,  I love you for what we are building together and for the fulfillment that I feel at your side. 

4 / Wedding vows that everyone will remember

To you, the man of my life, the man of my dreams,

Today, we have just made our love official, but a flame has been dancing in my heart for years. I was told love hurts, it hurts, soul mates only exist to make idiots dream. And yet, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and by your side, I have never suffered. Thanks to you, the smile that illuminates my face never leaves me. You filled me with energy, with life at a time when everything was dark in my daily life.

No word is strong enough, powerful enough to describe the immensity of my feelings for you. Thank you for making my life so beautiful, for making me feel so woman, so alive, so important. You gave meaning to my life. With you I want to build, grow, grow old, have fun, laugh, travel, dream. I want this to never end, for our love to continue to blossom and make us happy.

You are an exceptional man, my rare pearl

Sensitive, courageous, fighter, loving, caring, gentle, communicative, beautiful, funny, intelligent, reassuring, protective, attentive… Here is a non-exhaustive list of your qualities. But above all, between you and me, there is something inexplicable, something that goes beyond all reasoning. It’s called alchemy. When we first met, I thought it was a reunion. So much did I have the feeling of knowing you by heart, from a previous life.

“Happiness in its purest, raw, native, volcanic state, what a touch! It was better than anything, better than the peanut butter Nutella and banana milkshake. Better than all of George Lucas’ trilogies, the complete muppet-show, late 2001. Better than the sway of Emma Peel, Marilyn, the smurf, Lara Croft, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford’s mole. Better than the B-side of Abbey Road, the Hendrix CDs, than Neil Armstrong’s little step on the moon. The Space-Mountain, the Santa Claus round, the fortune of Bill Gates, the trances of the Dalai Lama, the NDEs, the resurrection of Lazarus, all of Schwarzy’s testosterone pits, the collagen in Pamela Anderson’s lips. Better than Woodstock and the most orgasmic rave parties. Better than the high of Sade, Rimbaud, Morisson and Castaneda. Better than freedom.You will no doubt have recognized the famous replica of Children’s Games. I find her perfect to describe the love I feel for (first name).

To you, to us, forever!

5 / moving wedding vows

I have always doubted everything, I have always been afraid of the future. But that was before I knew my future was you. No matter the obstacles, no matter the difficulties that we will have to go through, nothing frightens me anymore because I know that between the two of us, we will cross the impossible if necessary. By your side, I discovered that the little daily attentions could protect our couple, I discovered that the routine could have great sides, I discovered that a simple SMS in the morning could make me happy, that a post-it hanging on the fridge with a message from you made me smile for the day.

Sealing our love is for me the most beautiful act.

I wouldn’t say that today is the happiest day of my life because every day of my life spent by your side will be exceptional. So, I thank you for bringing me all this love, all this happiness. You know, I don’t love you like the first day, I love you a lot more! 

6 / Modern wedding vows:

we darling, my love, my everything

We started our story with  friendship , moreover I saw in you only a friend, someone who very often made me laugh! It is often said that a man who makes us laugh seduces us at the same time… And it is absolutely true! Without even realizing it,  I fell in love with you , a little more each day.

I remember as if it was yesterday the day my life turned upside down, the day my lips rested on yours for the first time…  I never thought that our destinies would be linked so quickly after this first kiss. Day by day my love for you has grown, evolved. I also saw in your eyes the love that you bore me and I was filled with it day by day.

Every morning that I wake up by your side and every night that I fall asleep in your arms proves to me that this love is more and more  deep  and  eternal . 

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