Touching retirement speech for a professor

Touching retirement speech for a professor

The ideal speech

There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

It is never easy to make speeches. Here is an example of a speech to say goodbye to a teacher who is retiring (this speech will be given by a colleague or the principal of the school). So here is a touching retirement speech for a professor.

Touching retirement speech for a professor


You taught almost forty years in this school, I myself shared eighteen years by your side and it was a real pleasure! Your vocation was teaching, that’s for sure. Your good humor, your creativity and your energy make you an extraordinary teacher! You have always been able to interest your students, even the most recalcitrant. You have always shown a lot of patience with those in difficulty as if your goal was to change the course of things and you succeeded!

I know you will never forget the sound of the ringing bell, the nervous footsteps of the students, the cries of joy in the playground, the confiscation of marbles and other playing cards, the giggles with your students, the green classes and the snow classes, the smell of your class, the taste of coffee taken with colleagues at lunchtime… We all know that you liked your job, you have proven it throughout these years, you don’t n have never given up, you have always developed new ideas, new projects and alumni have always said: “Isabelle is the funniest teacher”! And yes, your communicative joie de vivre allowed students who were not school to take an interest in the different subjects you taught them!

We are all sad about your departure but at the same time happy to know that you will enjoy a quiet and well-deserved retirement! I know you will come back to see us a few times to say hello and watch the students play hopscotch or soccer!

You can leave with peace of mind, with the idea of ​​a job well done!

We wish you much happiness for the future! It’s only a good bye🙂

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