Speech for the funeral of his mother: a heartbreaking funeral speech

Speech for the funeral of his mother: a heartbreaking funeral speech

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There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

Many thanks to S for sending me this personal and heartbreaking speech written for her mom’s funeral.

Speech for the funeral of his mother: a heartbreaking funeral speech

We thank you for being here today to celebrate the life of our Sylvie.

We’re all different. Different by our physique, our history, our values, our beliefs. But if there is one thing that unites us all, it is love.

Our mother, Sylvie, was in love. True love, the one who has no expectations. She gave it all her life without counting, without judging, without thinking. Its associative presence made it possible to help the young, the old, the sick, the destitute. The social divide did not exist in his eyes.

She shared with everyone. She shared with those who do not share because she unconsciously knew that sharing and unconditional love uplifts the soul and allows access to inner peace.

She gave so much because deep down, she had the feeling that she had never received enough. The torments of her childhood, of her past, her sensitivity on edge, she tried to silence them by giving to others, enormously, to the point of sacrifice.

She dreamed of an ideal world where humans lived in cohesion in peace and respect.

Today, from where she is, she becomes the discreet magician whose light emanates protecting those she has loved.

These last months have been the most trying for our father who found himself alone, accompanying him on the irremediable path of death. Dad, your presence is discreet, benevolent, solid, a daily presence of support, of respect, often in silence, a silence stronger than words. Dad, know we’re here. There to support you in this test of life.

The parents were surrounded by friends, cousins ​​and wonderful caregivers, available, attentive, allowing to alleviate this suffering of the body and the spirit in a lightness adapted to each stage of the disease.

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The weakened body, degraded by disease, worries and makes us all uncomfortable. He confronts us with our deepest fears of disappearance, of Nothingness, of suffering, of the Aftermath.

But the sick body from which the mind is suffering needs an outstretched hand, a listening ear, a benevolent heart that offers unconditionally.

Such a situation places us in a zone of discomfort because we do not know how to act, how to react …

Sylvie the altruistic taught us to face her fears to offer a presence, a smile, an affectionate gesture to those who are in physical and emotional distress… These acts of generosity and sharing make us grow and teach us gratitude.

Sylvie the altruistic, the compassionate, the devoted, the generous, the funny one, the adventurer, the frantic dancer, the sportswoman, the young woman with the dream body …

Sylvie liked to laugh, a lot, a lot, to make it go crazy. And even in the last moments of relative consciousness, she was laughing. I remember Sylvie and her friend Martine in her last place of life. They have a conversation of which only parts of it made sense to my normally “wired” brain. But they laughed non-stop for fifteen minutes and so did I. We were crying with laughter. A beautiful slice of life from the last hour …

We believe in an eternal soul, in a body acting as a vehicle.

A vehicle on a path strewn with ups and downs. A path that teaches us, that makes us grow spiritually. We believe souls stay connected for eternity. It’s reassuring to think that Sylvie is there, around us, guiding and protecting us.

Today, let’s drink without sagging. Let us drink to the rich life of Sylvie and to the life of those who remain on the tormented path of existence.

Love and peace to you …

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