Sample speech for his mother’s birthday

Sample speech for his mother’s birthday

The ideal speech

There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

It’s your mom’s birthday, and it’s an event! Perhaps it is an emblematic age, or quite simply, the opportunity to see things in a big way, because a mother, we only have one and you have to take care of her! Anyway, you made the choice to give him a nice little speech. But it is not always easy to find the words, the right formulations, how to talk about your good memories together without sinking into the melodrama … In short, to give you ideas, to breathe you a dose of inspiration, we offer you a sample speech for his mother’s birthday, hoping he helps you design your own.

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Speech for his mother’s birthday

Dear Mom,

On this special day, we are all gathered to wish you a happy birthday. It is true that for you today, birthday rhymes especially with white hair and old age which is approaching, but mom, you really must not see things thus !!! One more year is one more year alongside us, alongside your husband, alongside your children, alongside your parents, alongside your friends, alongside your students! And god knows how much you can give them all. And yet maybe you don’t realize it enough. But we don’t blame you, it’s more our fault! We probably don’t tell you enough how great a mom you are.

A wonderful mother of whom we are all very proud. A mother who is always attentive, a mother who works hard for us on a daily basis, a mother who always wishes us the best, a mother who often knows what is best for us, a mother who helps us. advises, a mother who is sometimes worried, a mother who is always loving.

And on this special day, we all realize how lucky we are to have you in our lives. Without you, dad and us, your children, we would have a hard time getting by in life! Your common sense, your sense of humor, your laughter, your wisdom, your hugs… We couldn’t last a week without!

So take care of yourself mom, and continue to beautify our daily life. Continue to enlighten your students. Continue to share our little pleasures, our little misfortunes. And continues to contribute to the welding of the family. I love you and I admire you mom, and I wish you to celebrate many more birthdays in the presence of all these people who do the same.

I will conclude not by toasting but by giving you a huge thank-you hug for everything! Happy Birthday Mom!


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