He sees my messages but does not answer me: why?

He sees my messages but does not answer me: why?

Say it with a letter

There are things we would like to say to those we love. But we do not always know where to start, how to find the right ones, to convey the right intention. Today, we help you get started and send the most beautiful letter:

You recently met this man you like and it seemed like you were starting a real relationship with him. After several dates, maybe one or more nights together, after a few days, weeks or months, you want to believe it. Maybe even to project yourself? Only now, recently, he no longer responds to your messages. You know that he has his phone, that he receives them, that he surely reads them, but he does not give you any more news. The question that you logically ask yourself is therefore the following: he sees my messages but does not answer me: why? Here are 12 possible reasons we’ve identified to help you figure out what’s going on.

He sees my messages but does not answer me: why?

# 1 He doesn’t like texting

He doesn’t answer you because he knows it will lead to a conversation and he doesn’t have the time or inclination to start a text chat. He just doesn’t like texting and prefers to chat on the phone or in front of you, rather than recounting his day in writing. Hence his laconic or non-existent answers.

# 2 He applies the 3-day rule to the letter

“Wait 3 days before responding to your messages”  : this is a method advocated by many (pseudo) seduction coaches on specialized sites to give a woman the impression that you are a busy and distant man. And as men go more and more on this kind of sites, it is more and more common that they apply this technique. So if this man systematically waits 3 days to answer you as if everything was normal, it is possible that he applies this strategy.

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# 3 he’s overwhelmed

He may be very busy with his work or his children if he is already a father, or caught up in a personal or family problem. He saw your message pass but got caught in an endless stream of emails, meetings, paperwork and forgot to answer you.

# 4 He sees my messages but doesn’t reply to me because he just wanted to have a good time

Actually, he’s not really interested in digging, he just wanted to have a good time. Even though you might have the impression that everything is going well, apparently he doesn’t feel the same as you. For fear of hurting you or because he is uncomfortable with the idea of ​​giving you false hopes, or simply out of cowardice at having to justify himself, he prefers not to answer you to avoid you becoming attached to it. him.

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# 5 he still thinks about his ex

In fact, he is not yet ready for a relationship because he still has his ex on his mind. He has not turned the page on his previous relationship , he still loves her or has recently come out of a complicated breakup. In any case, he needs time before retrying the adventure of the couple and he has realized it since you met.

# 6 He doesn’t know what he wants: run away from me I’m following you, follow me I’m running away from you …

This man is in fact a gamer, a manipulator who doesn’t know what he wants or rather who likes to have fun at your expense. So he likes to practice the policy of ”  run away, I follow you, follow me, I run away from you  “. Thus, he will save you a few days and perhaps come back later … Is it a method of seduction, a game, the desire to go slowly? Doesn’t it rather keep you under your elbow, warm as they say for later?

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He sees my messages but does not answer me: why?

# 7 he’s angry

Did you say or do something that displeased him? A comment moved according to him, an annoyance, a funny joke, a sulk? He may be angry with you but does not want to tell you where the problem comes from and prefers to make it clear to you by no longer responding to your messages. To find out, take a look at previous conversations and see if anything could have hurt him. On the other hand, if you find that the time you hurt him roughly matches the time he started not responding to your messages, it gives you an answer.

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# 8 he’s afraid of engagement 

This is a reason often used, remains to be seen if it is a real fear or an excuse not to go further in the relationship with you. A lot of men say they don’t want to be in a relationship, maybe he does even if you haven’t put any pressure on him. And so that is most certainly the reason why he is not responding. He is thinking about projecting himself with you and that may take some time. And it is to save this time that he does not answer.

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# 9 he tests you

Conversely, his silence may be a way of testing you to find out if you are really interested in him. Women are not the only ones who want to be loved, men also need to be reassured. If he has the impression that you are not really after him, if he has doubts about your commitment or your sincerity, it is possible that he is on purpose to respond to you more sporadically.

# 10 He sees my messages but does not answer me because he likes the challenge 

What if, on the other hand, you are too present, sending him messages, inquiring about him, asking to see him? Maybe this man likes a challenge and if he already feels that you are acquired, he finds it too easy or dreads being bored in the more or less long term with you. Hence his silence which seems to drag on. In other words, don’t harass him but keep it a little bit of a mystery. This will help you see if things change. Afterwards, if its mode of operation does not suit you or if it still does not respond, move on.

# 11 he already has someone in his life

This is obviously not the reason that we want to discover but it is a possibility to consider. If he no longer answers you, it may be because he is not single. Did he cheat on his wife with you and he ended up regretting it? Has he had another meeting and his choice is not on you? If he reappears every now and then and offers to see you at the last minute just for a moment in bed, you can assume that he has multiple relationships and is a cheating man.

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# 12 He ghosts me : that’s why he sees my messages but doesn’t reply to me

There is worse than being dumped by SMS: being dumped by not having an SMS . Cowardice sometimes reaches peaks in the sentimental field. He therefore applies the famous and shameful technique of ghosting and you are his victim. He chooses the easy way out to break up by simply disappearing! Thus, he will not have to provide you with explanations, to assume, to behave like a man, quite simply! On the contrary, he behaves like a coward and escape is his signature. Look no further, you will never have an excuse or an explanation.

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