Farewell speech for the death of a loved one: a moving example

Farewell speech for the death of a loved one: a moving example

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There are moments in life when you have to speak up to express what you feel. But we don’t always have the words. We don’t know where to start. Today, we help you get started and write the best speech.

There is no oratorical exercise more difficult than that of eulogy for a loved one. And yet paying this last tribute is important. Out of respect for the memory of the deceased, out of love or friendship, a farewell speech for the death of a loved one is something that is difficult to improvise. This is obviously a very personal oral. But preparing it in writing is reassuring before having to read it in front of an assembly during the funeral. And if it is obviously necessary to speak with his heart, being inspired by a model in order to help himself with certain turns of phrase, certain expressions, certain words, can be useful. Thus, by taking inspiration from the moving example of the following farewell speech, you will be able to combine your emotions with the solemn side of this speech.

Farewell speech for the death of a loved one: a moving example

“To pay homage to you today is to accept the idea of ​​having to say goodbye to you . Even though in my heart it’s just a goodbye. And above all, you remain present in my memories, you will forever be part of my life.

“The memory is the invisible presence” wrote Victor Hugo . And indeed even if you are no longer there, you remain among us by the perfume of your memory, by the beauty of your soul, by the imprint that you have left in each of the people who love you, with all their heart.

Nothing is more alive than a memory, and I promise to cherish ours forever.

Life has an end like a candle light that goes out, but in the heart the memories are forever anchored. And they illuminate our lives.

When I think of you, I remember the wonderful person you were. The good and benevolent man, with a big heart.

Throughout your life, you have been an inspiration to everyone, your family and your friends. And I’m sure you also managed to inspire the people you passed.

Your good humor, your desire to reach out to others, to always learn, your open-mindedness, are all things that characterized you and which have always made you an exceptional person. A husband, a father, a son, a brother, a grandfather, a friend, a boyfriend, a colleague. That we loved naturally, deeply.

Farewell speech for the death of a loved one: a family eulogy

Know that I will never forget you, we will never forget you. I make myself the spokesperson, the guarantor of your memory on this day both painful and solemn.

Yes I make you the promise to always maintain your memory . To remind me of your advice and the life lessons you taught me . To cherish in my heart the privileged moments that we have shared.

I don’t need time to know that I will miss you . Because this lack is already there, since the moment when you are no longer. To imagine life without you is to take away from it a part of the joy of living, of spontaneity, of love.

I miss you terribly and I know that life will not taste the same now that you are no longer here to share it with me. Not having you by my side anymore is heartbreaking . But I know that you would like me to move forward, that I stay the course, that I pay tribute to you by living life to the fullest.

I’ll do it, I promise. What better way to pay homage to yourself than to continue to perpetuate this joie de vivre and this good humor that you shared with everyone.

So although your absence is a nameless sadness, although life without you no longer has the same meaning, I promise you not to let myself be overcome by sorrow and to celebrate yourself as you would have it. desired.

To celebrate life, family, love, friendship. To cherish these precious moments and to live them intensely.

And by my thoughts, by our two souls linked forever, from the bottom of my heart, I will continue to share with you the magic of life that you loved so much, so that, wherever you are, you continue to smile as you do. was doing so much.

I love you forever, rest now. “

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